Easter hangover…..

Img_2788 seriously, how many deviled eggs can one person eat? If I don’t see a egg again that would OK with me. Had some family over yesterday for brunch. The rest of my family spent the day with my very sick 92 year old grandmother . She had a stroke over 2 years ago and has never been the same. Very hard on the family.  Img_2791

It was such a beautiful day here in Cali. Took lots of pictures. Went to download them and realized I forgot to put the CF card in my camera. Great. Perfect ending to such a wild week. Got one of those calls , you know the kind you dread, From my daughters school telling me I need to pick her up because she got really hurt. I was not prepared to see the Mango- sized lump on her forehead. Took her to the hospital. We are so lucky is all I can say. She has a concussion, but nothing more than that. She looks like she did a couple of rounds in the ring. So I am quite sure she is the one who took the CF card out of my camera. Oh well. I hope everyone had a nice Easter. If you live in Arizona, I miss you. This is the best time of the year there and I have been missing it so bad it hurts. Miss my Mother in law and my husband’s family.

I work with the little ones at a Montessori school I worked at 12 years ago. I have never been with children that are not potty trained. but had to share this story of the cutest little rascal in my class. His name is Kevin. He is one of the most confident, adorable, witty 2 year-old Ive ever met. He is not at all interested in getting stared in potty training. So he comes up to me and says " Umm I go poo poos ……sorry" so I say to him " Umm I am not going to change your diaper……sorry" he walks away from me looks back at me and says " umm YOU WILL" and keeps on walking. Stinker!! well needless to say 10 minutes later I am changing him and in the middle of it he says "See".  too funny.

The only other thing I have to share are my new Delicate pretties………..Img_2807 In the Flea Market Shop. Handmade using vintage crepe paper. Bye for now…


17 Responses to “Easter hangover…..”

  1. Carolyne Says:

    hey lilia, you know i was in sweet peas at the end of january this year-couldn’t believe i was actually standing in the store. it was near closing and you know, the girl on the counter told me it wasn’t a good time to visit as the store as it was quite empty. i’m sad i didn’t take photo’s because i was in heaven, i was speechless and i was hoping that maybe yourself or someone that i could reconize a name would walk through the door so i could just hug. i had been dying to get to the store and when i knew i was going to be in california i made my girlfriend take me there. anyhow, am i boring you….i’m just jealous that you get to hang there. so jealous. i brought myself a set of butterfly stamps, some labels and that was pretty much it. there really wasn’t alot there but i want to go back big time. you know i am still stalking you girl and hope you are loving the life in california. lucky you. hugs

  2. Alecia Says:

    I’m sorry to here about your grandmother and I’m glad your little girl is ok. Too funny about the 2-year old poo poo pants!hee!hee!I love reading your blog.

  3. June Says:

    It is hard to see someone we love decline and I will keep your grandmother in my thoughts. Your poor daughter, I hope she recovers soon. The story about Kevin made me laugh out loud; how precocious of him! Your crepe paper creations are adorable.

  4. Mandi Says:

    I am glad your daughter is ok, and I bet she’s glad you didn’t get any evidence of her bumped head on your camera! It’s too bad about the CF card, I’ve actually done that before, with cards and film once. I will keep your grandmother in my thoughts.
    Kevin seems like a real fun kid!

  5. jerusalem Says:

    I am so glad your daughter is OK – that is one of those calls we all dread. Sounds like you had quite the weekend! All the new goodies in your shop are precious!

  6. Lindsey Michaelree Says:

    I am sorry to here about your little girl, I hope she recovers well. I have a two year old myself who is not all interested in potty training either….the story sounds familar! Beautiful work, it is always a treat to see your work. Take care.

  7. dawn Says:

    What a funny story! Thanks for sharing! Love the pretties too!

  8. jenny holiday Says:

    Ohhh poor lil doll! I hope she is feeling much better! It is always so so scary to get calls like that. Your heart just drops!
    Your new pretties truly make my heart all a flutter!!! They are just dreamy!!! of course I was late to visit your shop!! Will you be making anymore?? The pink and aqua combinations are my favorites!! so so so so yummy Lilia!! As always you dazzle!!
    Happy Spring!!
    xoxo Jenny

  9. monicaa Says:

    Oh Lil, I bet you were a tad bit freaked with the call about Little Darian…poor thing!
    Love those yummy flowers you made girl! Oh and Arizona misses you too !!!!

  10. Mary Issabella Says:

    Out of the month of Babies!!!!I am sorry about your sweet Grandmother and your daughter!!I am glad you did have a nice Easter…..Smiles

  11. Mary Issabella Says:

    Out of the month of Babies!!!!I am sorry about your sweet Grandmother and your daughter!!I am glad you did have a nice Easter…..Smiles

  12. Heather Says:

    Oh Lilia, sorry to hear about poor little D. I hope she is better now. I just had the accident scare with mine but she has 4 stitches in her eye now. Being a parent is HARD!
    Glad you had a nice easter.. love seeing the pretties as always šŸ™‚

  13. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    sorry about your Grandma and poor darrianne!! I hope she is doing ok. That kid in your class cracked me up. Kids are so funny. That is what I miss about working with them the most. I had a little boy in my class
    when I worked in the one year old room that sounds like Kevin. Everytime I would change his diaper he would say how he had a tiny hiney and a teeny weenie. lol. um.ok. He had an amazing vocabulary for his age and he was so funny.

  14. Cambria Says:

    I just had to tell you how much I love your blog. It’s so fun to look at everything and read all your entries. I’m 12 and I have a jewelry business. I just started a site on ETSY and a blog about my work. I really enjoy looking at your creative pictures!!! I’ll be back for more inspiration. Cambria

  15. Laura Bray Says:

    I had a concussion for Easter one year as a child too. Two black eyes-and I couldn’t take the card out of the camera. So scary for you mommy! Hope your darling girl is feeling better.

  16. Lisa Says:

    Those flowers are lovely.

  17. Ariane Says:

    What a funny story about Kevin. You’ll appreciate this story then. My grandson who’s 4 was at our house this weekend. He was outside playing and I happened to come out to see him standing in the front yard in front of our tree with his pants down around his knees. I yelled, “What are you doing?” He replied, “I’m giving the tree some water.” Boys!!! He got a good talking to about using the toilet in the house (even if he thought it was too far to walk to…) Even though I thought it was funny, I was mortified that what if any of the neighbors happen to be looking outside at that time. When I told my husband what my grandson had been up to, all he said was “that’s my boy.” lol

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