I interupt the last post to bring you this……

Img_2752 Dariannes Birthday Tea Party Invitations…. Love this image so much! I used vintage soft pink crepe paper at the bottom as a ruffle for her dress. Well, those are done! Let the work begin! This brings me to something Ive been thinking of doing for a while. I am going to start doing custom order Invitations on my ETSY Store. I love doing invitations! I wanted to show you the little Flea Market Finds……Img_2762 from the other day……Img_2766 Img_2767_2 Img_2764 Img_2763 There is more but I will post later because I also want to share some Easter inspiration ……..Img_2772 Img_2786 Img_2775_2 I found this wooden 99cent store Easter Egg and just made it my own with My little Girl’s picture on it. The last picture is a new store find. There is the prettiest new sage green crepe paper and two beautiful shabby chic looking garlands. Love them! That’s about it for This year’s Easter Decor. hugs-Lilia


23 Responses to “I interupt the last post to bring you this……”

  1. kat Says:

    love the garlands and awesome job on the invites! i have a few packages of those crepe cup baskets too, meant to use them for a bday party but never did. adorable easter egg with d’s pic!

  2. Seuss's Cat Says:

    The invites are great. I think that is a good idea to sell invites on your etsy. I hope it works out well, people love custom invites.

  3. jerusalem Says:

    What cute finds and ideas! I love it all!

  4. Vintage Cate Says:

    So pretty! I love the invitations. The Golden Rgg is my daughter’s favorite, and I had one as a child, too.

  5. June Says:

    Those invitations are the sweetest things ever! I love all your finds, too. So many treasures!

  6. Alice dR Says:

    So lovely! It’s times like this when I wish Morgan was a girl. Girl, you spot the prettiest things in a sea of ordinary objects! How do you do it? 😉

  7. Tiffany Says:

    So very sweet and elegant. Your work is perfect!

  8. Karla Says:

    Your invitations are gorgeous! I could just frame them all and hang them on a wall. Fabulous finds and I love the egg you made for your daughter.

  9. Melissa Says:

    LOVE the invites! Your Etsy shop is awesome too! Happy Day!

  10. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Everything is so pretty–especially the invitation..

  11. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Everything is so pretty–especially the invitation..

  12. Sharon Stevens Says:

    Hi, I LOVE your blog! some great eye candy. I’d like to give you the
    “You Make My Day” award. I will add you to my favorite blogs. You can grab your award on my blog at:
    Mustard Seed Originals

  13. Mandi Says:

    Those invitations are gorgeous! I have been looking for a contact for unique invitations for my new event designing/coordinating company. We should talk 🙂

  14. jenny holiday Says:

    Oooooh Everything is just totally sweet and wonderful!! I am always so in love with what I find on your blog!! Always inspiring and lovely!
    Love everything to bits Lilia!!
    Happy Happy Easter!!
    xoxo Jenny

  15. Joy Says:

    The invitation is a work of art – I would frame it! 🙂

  16. Sharon Stevens Says:

    Hi! I am ADDICTED to your blog! What fantastic designs you have been creating. I’m a fellow Californian, only I reside in the high desert area, Victorville, to be exact. I’m going to have to make a trip down to Sweetpeas. I hear it’s fantastic!!
    I have been collecting supplies to do some altered art but haven’t taken the plunge yet..you give me alot of inspiration. Thanks!
    Mustard Seed Originals

  17. Louise Says:

    Beautiful invitation, I love the added ruffle on the dress.
    My daughter had a tea party birthday years ago.
    May birthday so it was a May Day dolly and me tea.
    One of the big hits was fabric yo-yo barrettes that I made for both the girls and their dolls…I worked weeks on her party and loved every minute….
    Have fun,

  18. Mendy Says:

    Love your Easter goodies! Especially the darling egg you made! Send me your addy asap…I have something for you!! :)mendy

  19. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    the invitations and egg look soo cute!! love all your finds too!!! Hope you have a happy Easter!!! xo Britt

  20. Renea Says:

    Your invitations turned out so cute! Good job!

  21. amyhanna Says:

    Hey lil, Claire looks like a hot fox in that picture!! Darianne looks adorable I hope all is going well with you just wanted to say hi! luv, amy

  22. Fated Follies Studio Says:

    I love your invites! I need some for a small baby shower I am doing. Maybe I can get some from you. What do you think? I got my packages on etsy the other day and can’t wait to make them into beautiful tags and what nots. take care.

  23. Linda Says:

    These are some of the most colorful & inspiring photos- and delightful eye candy ever! What fun, down to the last detail! Thanks for sharing! Linda

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