Happy Spring……

Img_2682 I had to share this picture of Darianne picking flowers in the backyard. Just love it. Where did the time go? 6 years old. Makes me tear up a little. She cracks me up. She has the best sense of humor. The other day she picked a dandelion in the back. She knew her Dad was going to be home after she went to bed so she left him a note: Img_2691_2 it says "don’t blow my Dandelion"  too funny. She is also a little turkey, I caught her putting her Teddy’s arm on a lit candle. It scorched the arm and she was hysterical. I was more, she could have caught herself on fire! The candle was on top of the counter, but no lit candles  around  her anymore. Well, after I calmed her down. I fixed Teddy’s arm :Img_2696 All is right with the world. Heading to The Long Beach Flea Market with my little family. I don’t know about you, Love my family but would rather go alone. I can’t think. My husband says he wont get in the way. We will see…. Tell you more about it later. Working on D’s Birthday invites. I wanted to share some things in Flea Market Studio:Img_2729 Img_2723 Well thats pretty much it for now. I have a update on Flea Market Studio Etsy. Hope you are having a wonderful day!


8 Responses to “Happy Spring……”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Poor Teddy! I’m so glad he is ok! Happy Spring!

  2. LittleLovables Says:

    I love your blog and shop! I hope you find some treasures at the flea market, be sure to post what you find. Hopefully, your little girl will stay away from candles now 🙂

  3. Mary Issabella Says:

    Thanks for sharing such a sweet picture……Smiles for a beautiful week

  4. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    darianne is such a cutie pie!! Glad she is safe! candles can be scary.
    Happy St. Patrick’s day!! xo Britt 🙂

  5. Val Says:

    Love the Long Beach flea market! Wish I could have gone. Look forward to seeing some the treasures that you found! Be sure to share some photo’s!

  6. terri Says:

    I love the way your blog looks … How did you get the whole page to post in? please email me
    thanx Terri

  7. Seuss's Cat Says:

    She’s very cute. Glad you managed to fix teddy – teddies are important!

  8. Laurie Star Says:

    OOhh – Love your blog – just found it. Glad your daughter was not hurt with the candle. That’s scary. Love all your pretty studio stuff! I never get tired of looking at other people’s studios. Makes me feel there are others out there just like me! 🙂

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