Class at SweetPeas..

I had to share the great day I had yesterday! Wonderful class. Wonderful group of women. Great conversation. Cupcakes. Oh yes, we did some Spring Journals. Here is a peak at Sweetpeas and Snapshots.Img_2623 Img_2626 Img_2620 Img_2621 Img_2625

Wow, so fun.  Thank you Mary. Next class is April 26. It will be the You little Doll book. I haven’t been doing much Spring Art lately. I usually make a piece or two. I found this cool white metal tree with a birdie on the top, for 2.50. I have been meaning to fill it up with some Easter Art. Maybe this week. I got this egg shaped wood basket at the 99 cent store and made it Flea Market Studio style. That is pretty much all  I have to share for the day.Img_2630


11 Responses to “Class at SweetPeas..”

  1. ArtsyMama Says:

    Fun! Fun!
    Can’t wait to be there in just a few short weeks. Will I get to meet you??
    Hope so!

  2. jessi nagy Says:

    so fun!
    i can’t wait till may, im coming to LA and this is one of my first stops.

  3. Mendy Says:

    Gorgeous pix, Lilia! Miss you tons girlie…can’t wait to see you this summer! :)mendy

  4. Wishing On Clovers Says:

    Oh what fun, those cupcakes look yummy!

  5. Kim Caldwell Says:

    The fling looks amazing! Wish I could have been there. Looking forward to your next sweet doll book at the shop!

  6. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    looks like so much fun!! the cupcakes look to die for yummy 🙂
    P.S. I gave you an award on my blog 🙂
    xo Britt

  7. Cynthia Flores Says:

    I had so much fun in the class! I can’t wait to do it all again…You truly made me love sewing!!! Can’t wait to finish my project.

  8. Reva Solomon Says:

    Lilia – what a fabulous class! And… got me on a sewing machine for the first time – a small miracle in itself!
    I haven’t quite finished my book but check it out on my blog – I’d love your feedback ( – I made mine into a tribute to my Great Grandparents who lived during the 1800’s – thanks again – you rock! – xo reva

  9. Mary Says:

    That looks like it was a blast! I wish we had a cute place like this in Iowa.

  10. jenny holiday Says:

    Ohhh I soo wish I lived closer!!! What a fabbb time it must have been!! And look at that lil doll! She is the prettiest lil girl ever!!! My goodness!! She has gotten so big!! Too adorable!!
    I vow to visit you one day in the near future! Hopefully by next Spring!!
    Thanks so much for the lovely package of goodies!! I LOVE everything!! (blogged it…late last night)
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!
    xoxo Jenny

  11. Seuss's Cat Says:

    mmmmmm Cupcakes. Look like you guys had a fab time. I wish I had an actual group of people to join. I have just moved so don’t have any friends here in Bristol but I am going to keep my eye out to see if there is an art group or something around that I can go and test out. So used to doing Art by myself, not sure if I would like creating whilst in a group but you don’t know unless you try.
    Glad you had fun!

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