Hello friends. Just a little to share, not much just a little. I finally sent the last Valentine book out:Img_2553 this is my last entry. Cannot wait to get mine back…. its going to be so pretty! I added this little tag also:Img_2556_2  Ive been missing Arizona a little lately. I think its because, I love this time of year in AZ. It is so beautiful in the Spring. I guess thats going to happen, heck I lived there for 10 years.  Darianne was born in the Spring. Happy times. I cannot wait for her party. We are planning the Tea Party at Sweetpeas and Snapshots. If you look at the event planning part, you are just not going to believe your eyes at the 5 year old tea party! this girl is so lucky, she has no idea. I finally get my tea party! She agreed this year. No more jumpy houses and slides! Of course my dream not hers. Hey who is going to break their back for it anyways? he he! I cannot wait for my class at Sweetpeas next week! So fun. What else do I know…. Oh yes, I am so proud of this girl :Black she nailed a national HOME DEPOT  commercial. Yay for Claire!! This girl works her butt off in Showbiz! well deserved! and her hubby is working with Kevin Costner at the moment! I love showbiz! Wouldn’t work in showbiz, but love it! I also have to show you these cute little containers for my lunch, they are in french with little birdies! Img_2565  Ive been good about taking my lunch to work and walking instead of resting during my break. It never ends. OK, back to some Easter projects and adding some of these :Img_2579 to the Easter Etsy. Bye for now!


13 Responses to “”

  1. KickButtBooks Says:

    How is it that Clairs Hubby is working with K.C.? What movie? Can you share? Thanks, Pamela

  2. Victoria Says:

    How lucky to be having a party at Sweetpeas!!!
    I’m visiting LA in October… this might have to be added to my sightseeing list!

  3. Jen Muir Says:

    You have to post pics after the tea party. I have always dreamed of a tea party! Love the tag you made. I am sure your class will be so great. I am excited to see more about the “little doll” class you have coming up too. Jen in OK

  4. Karla Says:

    What a cute little container! I love what it says!

  5. Monicaa Says:

    OOh Go Claire!
    She is such a beautiful lady 🙂
    Arizona misses you too chica!

  6. ArtsyMama Says:

    Fun stuff, as always. Love all your Valentine’s work and your easter goodies are yummy! Your class is going to be so much fun! Can’t wait to be there in a month. Hope you’ll come see me:)

  7. Mendy Says:

    Wish I could go to that party! I know it will be just fab! Love all of your new projects!! :)mendy

  8. Cheryl Dack Says:

    OH my! What pretties you make! Why have I not found you ’til now??? I make fabrics books sometimes, as well, and I’m just thrilled to find someone else doing so! LOVE, love, LOVE that doll book…gorgeous. I’ll be back. Your style is just lovely and I want to see more of what you’re up to! hugs to you…cheryl 🙂

  9. LittleLovables Says:

    See, I have 2 boys… they would never let me indulge in a little girl tea party! Such a wonderful blog!

  10. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    love your new projects as always! the easter box is fabulous! Congrats to Claire 🙂
    xo britt

  11. Laura Bray Says:

    Your book is on it’s way-maybe it will get there today!

  12. Flea Market Queen Says:

    A tea party…how fun!
    And Sweetpeas is the place!

  13. Holly Says:

    Hi Lilia!
    It was so wonderful meeting you today. I enjoyed your class very much and had a fantastic time. I’m happy that you’re back in L.A. and doing great! Looking forward to seeing you again sometime and OF COURSE will return again and again to visit your lovely blog.
    Take care,

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