Hello Spring Fling Friends……

My Spring Fling Party winner is  the blogger who gave me this quote "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding" I love this quote so much, loved them all…….. Sometimes you need them to inspire you. Here is a great site A Quote a Day. Congrats on the winner, I e-mailed you ! I have some favorite things to share today….Img_2537 Img_2540 Remember the beautiful tea in Marie Antoinette? Well these beautiful flowering teas are amazing! They are my new favorite…. makes you feel so pampered !They are Primula tea flowers  oh my! What a little luxury!  What else is my new favorite these days? OK, now that I am in LA I have tried Pinkberry and Yogurberry and I have to say I like Yogurberry allot better. There is a little independent frozen yogurt store around the corner, and I must say it is the best! I love these places though! Went to CHA with Sweetpeas and had some fun looking at all the new products….. my Fave? Jenni Bowlin line…. and she is so sweet! I am looking Forward to teaching at SweetPeas and Snapshots Saturday, March 8. We will  be making this:Img_8594_2 Vintage Spring book. Cant wait to play, its been so long! I am also working on a new class here is a sneak Peek of " You are a little Doll" class:Img_2532 coming in April,  I will let you know the date! OK, back to my Flowering Tea and the book I am working on! Bye for now……


20 Responses to “Hello Spring Fling Friends……”

  1. Mary Issabella Says:

    You are so busy. Love what you are working on.Have a great weekend….Mary

  2. Alexandra Martinez Says:

    That tea looks delicious!

  3. Rachael Says:

    That tea looks amazing and your book is gorgeous, can’t wait to see more:) Rachael

  4. Bristol Says:

    The teas looks great, love the project!

  5. Sarah Keith Says:

    Ooooh Fun! We’re having a tea party for my soon to be 5 year old in March! Those are GREAT for her little party. I don’t know if they’ll like the flavors but they WILL love the flower that magically appear in their tea. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Shannon J Says:

    That is a great quote!
    Oh the “You are a Doll” book is ADORABLE!!! OH how I want to take this class!!!! I totally enjoy your blog… thanks!

  7. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    I love the book with the doll on front. Where did you get that fabric? It’s wonderful.

  8. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    I love the book with the doll on front. Where did you get that fabric? It’s wonderful.

  9. sarah Says:

    Dont you love that tea always makes me feel like I am sitting with maria antoinette! I left you something on my blog! go check it out!

  10. Selia Says:

    I love your book! You are so very creative. I am off to buy that tea, simply beautiful…

  11. Natasha Burns Says:

    Oh thank you for the tip with the flowering tea! I didn’t realise you could buy it, I am so excited I’m ordering some to be shipped to Australia right now! You can get it on ebay for a really good price including a clear teapot (mandatory I think!) and mixed blooms!!! I’m just so excited here and can’t thank you enough!!!

  12. Mendy Says:

    Love your pretties Lil! Wish I could go to your class!! :)mendy

  13. Lee W. Says:

    I just love your style! I can’t wait to get my book back, so I can see your pages in person!

  14. ellene Says:

    How beautiful! I loved the amazing color in that movie; what lovely eye candy~

  15. Holly Says:

    Beautiful photos of the tea! How very elegant. I’m looking forward to meeting you on the 8th at Sweetpeas!
    See you soon,
    Los Angeles, CA

  16. Sarah Keith Says:

    Hello! Come visit my blog. I was awarded a “You Make my Day” award….so I’ve passed an award to you as well cause You Make My Day! If you have time…you are suppose to pass it on to 5 other bloggers!

  17. Seuss's Cat Says:

    Sounds like you have been busy. Lia pointed me to your blog last summer and it took me ages to have a look. I know I popped on in the new year promising myself to look more at other artists and remember reading about what happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s chuckling to myself. It looks like you have been busy and I look forward to reading what you are up to more frequently and maybe trading ATC’s or something in the future. Loving all the pictures!

  18. June Says:

    Your winner’s quote is beautiful–I love it. I also love the tea and fabulous book. What wonderful creativity!

  19. Jana Elk Says:

    Wow!!!! I looked up the Primula Tea Flowers and bought them from http://www.primulafloweringteas.com. They are soo magical. I can’t believe they actually bloom right before your eyes.
    Here’s a secret too– after you order the initial set online they give you soo many coupons its like free tea flowers for life!
    Yeah Flea Market

  20. Theresa B Says:

    My husband gave me those teas for Christmas and I just love them. Half the fun is just watching the blooms unfold.
    I love the pictures you post on your blog!

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