Hello friends….

So happy to be back into the swing of things. Felt lost there for a while.  Had my first Sunday night dinner last night with My family. Had pasta and a Little Deano music. Felt so good….I made a delicious chocolate cake. Like I needed it, but when you have a little girl that likes chocolate as much as I do…. Here she is licking the bowlImg_2425 …… licking the bowl isn’t that the best part anyways? Recipe is from the Chocolate Cake Doctor. Love my family….. so glad to see them at least once a week. How did I live without My Peeps? Speaking of Peeps, saw George Lopez on HBO the other night. Too funny.. he said who do you think is re-building New Orleans? My Mexican peeps… what do you think FEMA stands for? Find Every Mexican Available! Hee Hee!!!!!!!! This world is too politically correct…… if you  cant make fun of your own race who can? I mean some things are off limits, but jeez have fun! Best movie ever My Big Fat Greek Wedding….. just replace them with Italians or Mexicans….. same movie. Love it! Went thrifting for the first time in a long time….. came to the conclusion that thrifting is great everywhere……… here are some cool finds:Img_2413 Img_2414 Img_2419 The red hot luggage is my favorite! Hope all is well with everyone…….. and that your winter is not too cold!


20 Responses to “Hello friends….”

  1. Sarah Keith Says:

    Great finds! Love the german scraps. Too cute of your daughter with cake on mouth. I have a picture of my 4 year old with red velvet cake mix all over her face. Keep it framed in the kitchen!

  2. Bristol Says:

    We just had family dinner on Sunday, very fun. Cute picture of your daughter and what good finds~

  3. jeanetta Says:

    ooo love that luggage!!
    and i love george lopez! ok so i am not in anyway of hispanic decent but i did live in san antonio for over 7 years. i love his white person impression. teehee.

  4. Laura Bray Says:

    Love the luggage-we just had a baking fest ourselves, complete with licking the spoons! If it weren’t for that, I would just buy bakery!

  5. Monicaa Says:

    You are so right about this world being too POLITICALLY CORRECT!
    I love me some George Lopez, I wanted to go to the show when he was in town and never did, dnag!
    Glad you are enjoying being home:)

  6. Kimberly Kwan Says:

    chocolate cake = GOOD!
    (hey…post your valentines rr book entries in the Flickr group!!)

  7. Becca Says:

    Wonderful thrift finds; especially the pink heart candy box!!
    Oooooo, licking the bowl is the best!! 🙂

  8. Victoria Says:

    I think the lugguage would be my favourite too!!

  9. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    She just gets prettier and prettier–even with icing on her face.

  10. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    She just gets prettier and prettier–even with icing on her face.

  11. Marilyn Says:

    Where DID that PCness come from anyway? You and George are so right!
    Wowsers, did the pic of cute lil D with chocolate all over her face bring back memories! My mom had three kids and only two beaters on the mixer. Someone got the bowl and she kept the spoon for herself! Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to slower times like back then? Happy to hear that you are loving it in CA with your family. We miss you in Phx!

  12. Whitney Says:

    I love the luggage…red is one of my more recent favorite colors!

  13. kimla cotropia Says:

    Love to see your vintage finds…you always find the best stuff! Your daughter is just adorable. It’s wonderful that you are close to your family and can enjoy them. Every time I visit CA, I always wish that I lived there. You’re right…the weather is just amazing and the scenery (and shopping) is fantastic – but like all good things, it does come with a price tag. I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding. That movie really hit a cord with so many ethnic groups. It just had a universal truth to it. Take care, Kimla

  14. Alexandra Martinez Says:

    I love George Lopez too… Now that i have Sirius satellite radio I hear him while im in the car. I am watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” on TBS tonight. I could watch that movie every day. My name is Alexandra…and I’m a Chocoholic! LOL

  15. britt-sparkled vintage charm Says:

    I hope the cake was yummy! 🙂 love your thrift finds!! xoxo Britt 🙂

  16. tammyCA Says:

    Your girl is so cute…esp. with the chocolate face. I just watched some of My big fat Greek wedding last night…so funny, esp. the father with his windex. lol.

  17. rian (Netherlands) Says:

    WOW…what a great blog and fleemarket stuff !
    And you’re daughter looks so lovely.
    Sorry for my english hey, but i’m trying.
    Groetjes (that’s dutch 🙂

  18. Devonia Says:

    There are many shades of shabby and red and chocolate are just two of them!
    Your daughter has a gorgeous smile and her mom has a wonderful sense of humor.
    DELIGHTFUL blog!

  19. Lori Janiszewski Says:

    Oh my word! I about died when I saw this post. I happened across your blog and when I saw that red luggage…well let me tell ya. This exact luggage was what my mom and dad had when they got married (42 yrs) and I borrowed the little red case a few years back. By accident, it was thrown away we think, because we can’t find it anywhere. My mom has been mad at me about it since then!lol I am always looking for it at an estate sale or thrift store to replace!! how funny. just had to share. By the way, love your post. I’m not hispanic or anything actually, but one of my favorite movies is BFGW! Love it. Thanks! I’ll visit again…

  20. Anita Says:

    Love the picture of your daughter… THAT is true bliss! 🙂 Love the luggage, too!
    We had a huge tornado here in May, and I think that is what confused FEMA – in our little tiny Kansas town there are only two or three Mexicans, and only 1 black person… I don’t think they knew there were towns like this left… 🙂

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