Back in business…..

Img_2204 In the Love business that is! I have 2 weeks off of work. My daughter has to go to school……yay! I sound like a bad Mom huh? Well.. if you have kids then you know how much after the Holidays you need a break from them. After all it’s all about them the whole time!  Now its all about Valentines Day for me! I love it so much!! Like I didn’t get enough chocolate for Christmas!  Don’t worry, Ive been hitting the gym like crazy…… thats all I got for Christmas, a new Gym membership, work-out clothes, gloves … OK, OK I get the hint! I guess I must have packed on a couple during the move and nobody has the heart to tell me. I am so happy though, because now The Valentines Etsy Shop is now Open! I will be adding more things through-out the next 2 weeks! I am also throwing myself back into the Artsy thing after a long absence due to the  Move. So glad to start another Round Robin with this Gal…Marilyn. She amazes me with her talent and is ohh so sweet! I will show you what I come up with!! abrazos! Img_2194 Img_2211


8 Responses to “Back in business…..”

  1. jessi nagy Says:

    im sure you look fabulous!
    your tags are adorable!
    glad to see yaback to work!
    have a great new year

  2. Sweet Remembrance Says:

    Your tags are delightful…
    Happy New Year…

  3. MarilynH Says:

    I saw your tags the other day on Flickr!! cute stuff. You know how I love valentines day 🙂
    I worked out Christmas eve and then the day after Christmas!

  4. Mendy Says:

    Everything looks fab! Happy Happy New Year to you in Cali!! :)mendy

  5. Bristol Says:

    Love your new things. Trust me I have more then that to take off. I bet yo look wonderful!!!

  6. Daisy Bouquet Says:

    Happy New Year wishes to you and your’s

  7. Anita Says:

    I just found your blog while “blog-hopping” and I just had to tell you that it is absolutely gorgeous… Your art, your pictures… Your spirit!
    (Not to mention those tamales in the last post! Yum! *giggles*)
    I am going to check out your Etsy shop now… I’m so glad I found you! 🙂

  8. suzi Says:

    Fun, fun blog!! Love your Valentines, we do Tamales too, but not 300.Whew, no wonder you were a little late.

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