Happy Holidays…..

I hope everyone is having a Stress free Holiday Season. I have never been a Christmas person. I know, I know, I am a Scrooge right? I don’t mean to be….. I just get so stressed out. It doesn’t help moving at around the same time. Are we crazy…. yes…! I grew up here in California and it amazes people back East that we even have a Christmas. Well its pretty funny when  the beach cities get into it. Like Sunday night for instance. They had a huge fireworks show in Manhattan Beach…. and right above the sand, they had snow. My child will not know what a real Christmas is like here in Cali…( my husband from Ohio says) but I guarantee that the Summers will Rock! I did not send out a Christmas card this year. I am doing a combination Holiday/Moving card. I took rascal down to the Beach and came up with these photos. I am not too happy with them. I guess I gave up after the 9th bribe! Well just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas to my Blog Friends! and Happy Hanukkah to my Sweet Friend Mendy! Miss you!Img_1949 Img_1941 Img_1885Img_1992 


18 Responses to “Happy Holidays…..”

  1. pink gate Says:

    Sand at Christmas, sounds good to me, I am already very tired of this snow stuff.
    Your daughter is a cutie, I love the pictures…
    Happy Holidays ….

  2. Bristol Says:

    Great pictures, looks better then Kentucky!!!

  3. Carrie West Says:

    What a sweet girl you have!!! I am from Ohio as well. It’s literally freezing cold here!!!! I have to say, I am a Christmas person and I love snow!!!!! Take care and have a fabulous Christmas and wonderful New Year!!!!!!!!~

  4. katy Says:

    Hi Lilia – those pictures are great, you are so talented and she is just adorable. I just moved as well and I know what you mean – it’s been difficult, I haven’t decorated nor sent any cards and I’m a make my own, enclose a photo, send out by December 1st girl. I’m right there with you on the stressometer!
    Best Wishes from Charlotte, North Carolina – Katy

  5. joleen Says:

    Happy Holidays to you as well! Your daughters outfit is so great- that dress is adorable!

  6. britt-sparkled vintage charm Says:

    cute pics!!! happy holidays!!! xo Britt

  7. deb Says:

    Oh Goodness – we have about 12 inches of snow right now and another 6 to 10 inches coming tonight. But I do know what you mean… even with all the snow, I love having a white Christmas. Happiest of holidays to you.

  8. Monicaa Says:

    Hey girly , glad to hear that things are gogin twell for you back in CAli.
    WE miss you here in AZ!
    Love love these photos of the little miss!!

  9. Mendy Says:

    Thanks sweet friend! Those pics turned out precious!! You know me…boots with any outfit makes a statement!!! Hugs to you WAY over there in Cali! :)mendy

  10. Kim Johnson Says:

    Hey Girl! Lovin’ the beach pictures! You’re making me miss Cali. Arizona’s nice right now, but it’s missing you and come July, well, expect some visitors! Miss ya! Kim

  11. Denise Says:

    Beautiful pictures! Merry Christmas to each of you. xoxox

  12. jessi nagy Says:

    she is a sweetie!
    you look like you have settled in just fine!
    my cousins live in manahatten beach 5th street and something??? can’t remenber. i just love it there.

  13. Dede Warren Says:

    I disagree Lilia, that close up is beautiful!! They are all great shots! AND a California Christmas is the best one to have…. May yours be merry and bright!

  14. Barbara Jacksier Says:

    Sorry it took so long to post about you. I’ve been a real slacker. My son moved to California four years ago to attend UCLA. He loves it in LA and I’m sure you will, too.

  15. kat Says:

    happy holidays! i need your addy so i can send you our xmas card…or i’ll just hand deliver it. we will be in town jan 3rd-6th. maybe we can have a quick get-together on early sunday with the fam????

  16. Alison Gibbs Says:

    Hi I have come to visit after Barbara featured you on her blog. What lovely photos you have taken of your daughter. I love the one where she is wearing her pink coat.
    Sun and sand for christmas sounds like here at home in Australia. I look forward to getting to know you.
    Have a wonderful fun filled family christmas.

  17. Marilyn Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your perfect little family, Lilia! I love the photos of the little darling on the beach. She’s so photogenic and almost as beautiful as her mom. HUGS, Marilyn in AZ

  18. a.passionate.thinker Says:

    I think that you’ll love California! I was there for five years, and it’s one the most beautiful moments of my life. I love the arts collage you’ve done 🙂 The little handmake card is the sweetest of all to receive. Them who receive it are very lucky!!
    PS. How old is your daughter? She’s adorable!! I have two cutest baby nephews as well and I’m a happy aunt 😀

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