Single parentville…..

Living as a single parent for the time being until we move. Did I ever tell you how much I appreciate my husband? Ok, I may give him a hard time for watching Sunday football all day on Sunday….. or nag him about taking out the trash…….. or nag him about so many other things. When they are gone…… you sure do need them for so many things and realize how much they are needed to complete your little family unit! He is the sweetest guy, always positive, even when things are down. I miss my coffee maker this morning. Reality… I make a bad cup of coffee, and I really don’t want to head over to Starbucks in my PJ’s! Well, there you have it…. single parents out there, hats off to you! What else? Had to share a couple of pages in a Art book I made a while back…….Img_1628 Img_1632Img_1630 Img_1633 

Went roller skating on Monday…. it was free roller skating night. Do you remember doing this in the 70’s? Skating to Donna Summer….. Well, had a babysitter and went with a Teacher from our school. Made a apple pie from scratch, it was delicious! Made me start thinking of this section in Cosmo… you know the one that gives you suggestions on what to do that month? I think its called "why don’t you……" Well I am no Cosmo…. but I thought it would be fun to give a little list on suggestions  here they are:

This month why don’t you……….

* Bake a apple pie from scratch

* Go Roller Skating or Salsa dancing

* fill all your vases with fresh Fall Flowers

* Go to the hometown football game

* Teach your child how to wash the dishes (I bought 2 tubs, sponges (cut them in half), let her pick a scrubber, and her own dish soap) Montessori style you might say!

If you have any for me…. I would love to hear them!

here are a couple of Flea Market finds this week:Img_1617 Img_1626  vintage crepe napkins and a baby blanket quilt.

also a little update on Flea Market Studio Shop. That’s about all folks! Have a beautiful Fall Day!!! Img_1635_2


21 Responses to “Single parentville…..”

  1. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Congratulations on having your blog chosen as a Typepad Featured Blog. You deserve it. I Love, love, love Flea Market Studio.

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Congratulations on having your blog chosen as a Typepad Featured Blog. You deserve it. I Love, love, love Flea Market Studio.

  3. Maria Rodarte Says:

    Hey Lil! Call me and Monica some time. I would love to do an art night, I could bring over my little one her and Darianne would love to play together.

  4. Flea Market Queen Says:

    Love your flea market finds…
    And your shop has the best goods for sure!
    Good luck with the move…

  5. suzi finer Says:

    Seeing those pages made my hour…thanks for making my eyes dance!

  6. britt-sparkled vintage charm Says:

    ooh great pages!!!! cute!!! that is so weet you are teaching your little one to do the dishes! 🙂

  7. kat Says:

    thank goodness for drive thru starbucks so i don’t have to get out of pjs and drag all 4 kids out of the car. hey, congrats on being the featured typepad blog!!!

  8. jjennifer Paganellli Says:

    You are so deserving of all the kudos stuff is, Jennifer

  9. Denise Lewis Says:

    You’ll do just fine. Before you know it this time alone with Darianne will be over so enjoy every second and make some fantastic memories. I think I grew the most as a mom and person when I was a single parent! 🙂
    I want to send you some little snip’its so email me your address in AZ

  10. kat Says:

    You’ll look back on this time and laugh. Well, maybe when you aren’t so tired. 🙂 Nice blog. Love your stuff. I want that bird clock! Congrats on the featured blog.

  11. Adam Says:

    hmm, it’s very lovely. I want to exchange the link with you, alright?

  12. Deborah Morton Says:

    Wow, cudos to Typepad for featuring your blog. I’ve been toying with the need to begin blogging and usually talk myself out of it. I fear that I will have nothing to say on a daily basis. But seeing your journals and clicking over to your store have inspired me to give it a go. I may not have a huge volume of craft creations to feature, but I have lots of drawings to pull from. Thanks for being inspiring, I’ll check back daily.

  13. Cerri Says:

    Wooohooo Lilia, you were featured on typepad yesterday!! That is wonderful!
    Hope you are doing well my friend!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  14. Jen Says:

    Here is one for your list…
    Watch “Gone With The Wind”. I just introduced it to my 9 year old daughter and she loved, loved, loved it.

  15. Marilyn Says:

    Wowsers! Featured Typepad Blog!!! I always knew you rocked. And that little gal in the ruby slippers is too cute for words.
    Try bobbing for apples or sitting on a porch/patio in the cool/cold air eating warm cookies and drinking cold apple cider on a sunny fall afternoon.
    I’m missing you in advance… Marilyn

  16. Mary Says:

    I had the weekend mostly to myself. I did get alot done. A LOT of Laundry was washed ( I usually do this 2X a week, just for fun, hahha). I also have a big mirror pretty much finished (painting) and made some more christmas houses.
    For your list you could add: start packing for your move. However I feel you had some greeeat things on that list, like time with an adult. Love time with my kids, but we need time wiht adults a little. And fresh flowers always help to sell a house either on the real estate market or sell it to your family (“this is OUr home”) .
    Dish duty for your wonderful daughter~ “priceless” You BOTH will be reaping the rewards of this regular member of your to do list, oh, I mean her to do list!
    I started at age 5 and of course I am still doing them. This is nice time together for you two!!! : )
    ***!!!!!I hope that you have a wonderful week!!!!!***
    With Kindness, and a hug

  17. Maija Lepore Says:

    OMG! So cool that a local Phoenix girl is featured on Typepad!!!

  18. Connie...Altered Route Says:

    Congrats on being featured at Typepad. I have HAD you saved to my bloger favs and just love your great vintage finds!!

  19. Ruthann Winans Says:

    Okay, I just found your blog, and I am in love with it! You are so very creative and inspirational! I am a California girl who moved to southern Missouri a year ago, so I understand the trauma of moving! Keep thinking the happy thoughts about the good things to look forward to.
    Take care of yourself!
    God bless you during this time!
    Warm Pie, Happy Home

  20. sonia Says:

    Love your blog! Such great eye candy. Adding you to my list of faves 🙂 Congrats on being typepads blog of the day.

  21. Mosaic Queen Says:

    Moving???? I guess I haven’t visited in awhile. 😦
    I’m inviting you to visit my new blog.

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