Art and Park day!

Img_1317 What a beautiful day! Can you say perfect?! Mother nature is being so kind to us this weekend! Well I decided to start someone on Art night this past Friday night, and we have been going all weekend! Yup, little D starting her own Art journal!! Here are the ones we started together hers is the one on the right, but is sure looks better than mine! I also worked on these:Img_1319 Img_1320  I had two friends that had Birthday’s this weekend. Instead of Birthday cards I sent them these! They are giant matchbook boxes that I altered and on the inside they come with matches, candles, vintage candle holders and ballerina cake topper. Img_1321 I hope they liked them and didn’t think they were too weird. Img_1315_2 I also made this hanging vase: It says "I am going to France" I can only dream! I have been also putting so many things in the shop today! Lets just say Flea Market Studio Etsy is having a huge Sale until I move to California!Img_1322  I plan on getting at least 5 items up everyday.  Dont hold me to that! What am I saying? Well Here is what we are doing for the rest of the day:Img_1275 Img_1285 Going to the park to have fun and get some reading in! Maybe a bike ride? Ohh this Art stuff has me a little tired. Hugs


12 Responses to “Art and Park day!”

  1. Mendy Says:

    HUGS Lilia! Love all your new creations!! You need to start soldering too…just add one more thing to your list…hehe! The birthday cake is a GREAT gift!! 🙂 mendy

  2. britt-sparkled vintage charm Says:

    gorgeous creations!!!(as always!!!) sooo sweet!!!

  3. Mary Isabella Says:

    Love the Birthday match boxes. Please drop by Daisy Bouquet and visit me.

  4. suzi finer Says:

    so happy to see joy…need to talk, arrange, etc…

  5. Julie Says:

    Your birthday matchboxes are so adorable! Charming, simply charming! The journal pages are really pretty, too!

  6. Laura Bray Says:

    I can’t wait until my daughter can do art with me. She’s 2 & does do “art” but I’m looking forward to less “modern art” in the future! LOL!

  7. Flea Market Queen Says:

    I love the little artist at work with mom!
    Too sweet…

  8. Bristol @ Cottage by the River Says:

    It sounds like yo uhad a wonderful weekend. I love all your projects.
    Have a great week

  9. Cindy Says:

    It amazes me what they can get into the matchbook boxes. I have seen some wee ones that people decorate and trade. Yours are lovely!

  10. linda Says:

    Love that hanging vase… would love to see THAT in your shoppe (wink wink) LindaSonia (

  11. Felicia Says:

    So pretty!

  12. suzi finer Says:

    any offers yet? anxious to get you out here!

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