What Time is it?

Img_1244 I don’t even know …….. but this cute little wind-up clock will tell me! Found it yesterday for 2 dollars and the hen really pecks. It is not vintage but sure looks like it is….. so cute. My head has been spinning with moving plans. The painters are here and I am going through so much of my stuff I needed at the time but will not be going with me to Cali. Last night Darianne went to Grandma’s house to spend the night. Notice the new hair cut? I had to do it. She has never had a short hair cut. It needed it so bad and she was begging me. My hubby was not happy, oh well he will get over it. Why do men love long hair? There are so many great hair styles out there. I love this cut!   Img_1220

I have been having so much fun with this girl. 5 is the best age! When we come home from school…. we spend a couple of hours together just the two of us. One of my friends sent me… don’t laugh, but the  Little House on the Prairie box set. We have been watching them. She loves them ! I also love Vintage toys and games…  Img_1232_2 Vintage sewing cards and……Img_1233 The Memory game. Remember the one when you were little? If you don’t, then this game is not for you! I suck at it… in fact Ive only won twice! Ok, what happened to my memory? It all started to go when I got pregnant. I forget everything, and then add stress and worry in my life….. forget about it! No wonder she loves to play with me, she wins every time! I had 1 Art night this week, and I lasted 2 hours…… here is what Ive been working on:Img_1238_2  It is a journal for me….. just to play in….. Very fun to have something to just play in and try new techniques. I hope everyone has a "Play Junque Book". A place to write your thoughts, journal and add pictures. My friend Mendy sent me the cutest Art Doll……Img_1239  Love this Art Doll and love that Mendy! She always makes me smile!! hugs Mendy and miss you something terrible! Heigh ho Heigh ho….. its off, well you know!


16 Responses to “What Time is it?”

  1. tif Says:

    I LOve the hair! I am afraid to cut Nicole’s! It touches her bum already! And it’s curly just like mine! And I LOVE that your daughter loves the old school Little House stuff and games! I am getting Nicole into that stuff, too!!! And, when I stumbled across your blog (I don’t know how I found it) I have fallen in love with seeing your art. I am going to try to make some altered books, too! I have been making them (unofficially( since I was 10…. Just pasting things into older books (discarded, of course!) just so that I could keep them. I like this idea! No, I LOVE this idea! ‘Scrapbooking’ seems too cookie cutter for me!!!

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Darianne’s hair is beautiful and stylish–and it really isn’t that much shorter.

  3. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Darianne’s hair is beautiful and stylish–and it really isn’t that much shorter.

  4. Joy For the Journey Says:

    I love the hair 🙂 And the clock was a total steal!!!
    SArah 🙂

  5. Monicaa Says:

    Awee Lil!
    She looks so adorable!
    I love the new do!!

  6. Cerri Says:

    I loove her hair cut! I let the girls cut theirs once and neither one ended up liking it. So we all still have long hair. My husband prefers it this way too! :0)
    You would be shocked to see how many vintage sewing cards I have! I just love them though! The darlign graphics are so fun!
    I loooove the art journal. It’s gorgeous. I really need to make one and use it, it’s on my list of things to do!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  7. Flea Market Queen Says:

    OMG…I used to love the sewing cards! I love vintage toys…wished I would have saved all mine!

  8. Rosemary Says:

    Your daughter is precious! Love the vintage toys and i’m needing that clock! How cute is that?! I wonder if its made by the same people who make the ones with dick and jane on them? Rosemary

  9. Grace Says:

    Wow what treasures you’ve found. And no I won’t laugh about the Little House videos – I’m too busy being jealous. I have been a fan since 3rd grade. Finally a few years ago (now that I’m in my 30s) I received the entire boxes set of books! A dream come true.

  10. Roxanne Says:

    Your daughter is adorable! It’s a very sweet haircut. I love five year- olds.It’s such a fun age. Mine are all older though. And also all boys. Oh, Well ;0) . You take beautiful pictures.

  11. jamie Says:

    the clock is too cute! my Daughter who is now 12 got so into Little House at about age 7. She used to watch it on Fox Family Channel everyday.

  12. mendy Says:

    So glad you enjoyed the paper doll. I miss you too! I bet you are getting so excited about your move! Sweet Darianne looks precious in her new “do.” Tell her that I love Little House EVERYTHING!! I have my original set and the cookbook and paperdoll book too….so fun! Take care, mendy 🙂

  13. kariandkijsa Says:

    Love that clock! Your daughter is adorable-I do love that age too! You are so inspiring with that journal!
    blessings, kari & kijsa

  14. Cece Marie Says:

    Yes, men are down right goofy about long hair aren’t they!? When a newly wed, my Mom cut off her thick long hair and my Dad would not talk to her for 2 days! Literally! Anyways, Darianne looks ADORABLE. It is a very “French school girl”look on her.
    And ya know…I need a play junque book too…thank you for the inspiration.

  15. britt-sparkled vintage charm Says:

    aww! Darianne is adorable!! love the journal!!

  16. Rob Says:

    As a guy, I like shorter hair on young girls. I had 4 of ’em, and maintenance of long hair was too much! But on women, I just fail to understand why women would marry a man KNOWING he is insane about her long hair, and then cut it short. Marriage should be about supporting each other. My wife *finally* grew tired of me pining for her to have long hair, so 7 yrs. ago she grew hers back. She is past 50 with sensuous hair to her hipbone. Yeah!! lol Rob

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