Sew Crazy…..

Img_1160 Ok, the too much time on her hands person sewed this weekend! Play clothes for the rascal… let me explain the new shirt, even though it looks like a dress….. that flying saucer looking thing in the middle is supposed to be a apple pie. Got the image in one of my vintage cookbooks. We call Darianne little apple pie, so I thought I would make her a apple pie shirt to play in. Of course do not look to close at the sewing.  Went and visited my friend Kat and her 4, yes 4 children and two of them are 3 months old. Let’s just say I wont be complaining about my life anytime soon and if I do you have permission to remind me of her life! Wow,  I came home exhausted…. and what a cute family. Her husband came home and turned on the Yankee game, he picked up the boys like footballs and held them watching the game! I also made this shirt:Img_1205_2 I used this vintage material Ive had for a while, it looks cute with jeans… I have to say that hanging with Kat, inspired me to sew more and also these people:Soulemama, Heather and Kat showed me this Angry Chicken . Kat had Angry chicken’s book and the first page I turn to is the same thing I had! She had one of the spinning clothes hanger with hand towels hanging and a little bird! How funny is that? Well I will be buying her book that’s for sure! These ladies are so inspiring…. I love people that sew and make me want to sew more…. happiness. Please check them out on their blogs……… WOW!  Well, before I go and buy this Bend-the-rules sewing, I have to show you a couple things that went up on my ETSY today. Img_1211 Lots of birds and some more things are going up like this:Img_1208 Mini baby sleeping signs…… have to finish them but first going on a family walk, the dog is so unloved at the moment and the weather is much better, then it’s   Sunday night dinner…….. bye for now!


13 Responses to “Sew Crazy…..”

  1. kat Says:

    ok, how cute is darianne’s shirt, love the pom poms. isn’t sewing fun??? we need to go fabric hunting. how funny you went home and sewed, isn’t angry chicken’s book sooooo inspiring?? anyway, we enjoyed your company, we must do that again and include brian….btw, it took me at least 20 minutes to write those sentences.

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    The shirts are precious.

  3. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    The shirts are precious.

  4. Carrie West Says:

    What a little cutie you have there!!!! Your blog is beautiful! I love the pom poms!!!!!

  5. Jan Thomason Says:

    oh,I adore the baby sleeping signs! Maybe because my cousin’s daughter-in-law is fixin to have a baby, I don’t know. What I do know is that I need one of those for her baby shower! How do I do that??? Jan

  6. Jan Thomason Says:

    Oops, would need blue – it’s a boy!

  7. Dee Light Says:

    Oh, I just love the shirts!!! it is so fun to sew for little girls.
    You have so many pretties, I must stop by your etsy shop!!!

  8. mom2fur Says:

    I love both tops, but the blue one with the girly ruffle is my favorite! That is sooooo cute!

  9. britt-sparkled vintage charm Says:

    how adorable!! love the baby sign 🙂

  10. britt-sparkled vintage charm Says:

    how adorable!! love the baby sign 🙂

  11. Monicaa Says:

    Hey girl
    you hanging in there? Is everything starting to fall into place for you all? I sure hope so! Give me a call! Hugs~

  12. The Glitter Fairy Says:

    Very, very cute! I’m gonna go take a look at your etsy shop right now!

  13. The Fairy Godmother Says:

    What lovely things and the sleeping signs perfect gifts for anyone with a young child in the house, well anyone in fact.

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