My Best Friend’s Wedding…..

Img_1025 Well it’s finally here… Claire’s Wedding. She always dreamed about having a big wedding… I am so honored to be a part of her special day. Have to share her commercial that she was in last year, Claire’s commercial just click on the link. Pretty cute.  I also wanted to thank everyone who sent me an e-mail and well wishes on my big announcement. The advice I received was really appreciated. Thank you! I have been a stress ball….. so much on my mind……. so much to do……. and don’t know where to start. I guess one day at a time. What gets me through stressful situations?

* My morning walks (a necessity)

* My Art time

* A cup of tea and a good book (right now it’s iced tea in 111 weather)

* A long hot bubble bath

* Renting  clever, silly TV shows like The Office, Reno 911 and House

* Reading to my daughter before bed time

* and if all doesn’t work…… a nice huge glass of  wine (or 2)

Leaving you with some Art before the weekend: a handmade Baby book with pages..Img_1003Img_1005  Img_1001 Img_1002


I will share more of the pages when I get back and of course some pictures of the beautiful bride…. have a nice Labor Day Weekend!


10 Responses to “My Best Friend’s Wedding…..”

  1. Flea Market Queen Says:

    Love the book…so special!
    Enjoy the wedding…

  2. jeanetta Says:

    o what a cute commercial. and i agree when all else fails … or rather why wait for all else to fail…. a glass a wine works wonders. šŸ™‚
    i love the book too. i wish i could put together such wonderful collages. i try but they never look as great as the ones i see out here in blog land.

  3. mary Says:

    Love her commercial (was already a favorite) … I love the movie AMELIE.
    Is this the second Bride and Groom Box you have made? I LOVE THEM TO BITS>TO BITS I SAY.. !
    Hugs and Blessings to the Bride and Groom

  4. Monicaa Says:

    Oh I am sure Claire is going to be stunning and I can’t wait to see the photos! have a great time and try to destress a little friend!
    Love ya!

  5. britt-sparkled vintage charm Says:

    love the pages in the book! so cute as usual! I adore the bride and groom box!!!

  6. Tiffany Says:

    Here’s to the bride…wishing her the most beautiful wedding ever. I can’t wait to see photos!
    Cute commercial too šŸ™‚

  7. Joy For the Journey Says:

    I remember that commercial!! As always, your art is gorgeous!!
    Sarah šŸ™‚

  8. STaMPiN' d'AMouR Says:

    Your journal is SO beautiful!! I just love it!! :0)

  9. STaMPiN' d'AMouR Says:

    Your journal is SO beautiful!! I just love it!! :0)

  10. Nicky C. Says:

    wow – love ur ART!
    have fun @ the wedding. hopefully the gnomes are all tucked away for the day šŸ˜‰ … such a cute commercial.

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