Going Back to Cali, Cali……

Img_0999_2 Well it’s official…….We are moving back to California. Back to my home. Back to where my family and best friends are. Back to the beach. Back to  the traffic. Back to the rat race. Back to perfect weather. It’s been a crazy summer of change. I moved to Arizona March of 1997. I gave myself at least 10 years to be here…… kind of funny how that works. It is 10 years now.  My hubby will be here for 2 more months… then he will go on without us, until we fix up the house…… then we will follow. There is so much I love about this beautiful State: the desert landscape, climbing Camelback mountain, the colors of the desert right around Sunset, My Mother in law (this is a hard one for me), the weather during winter, My small group of great friends  (Angel,  Matt, Toni, Kat, Jenifer) , Debbie at Frenzy Stamper (love that lady! and of course that store is my home), Thrift stores, my little home and so many things to name…. but just thinking about them will get me so sad. Now just trying to get in a Cali state of mind. So that is where My mind has been! Kind of scatter-brain. But I am back! Unsettled, but happy. I worked on some Art last night and here are a couple of things to share:Img_0997 Img_0992


Kind of crazy art…… see I told you my head is a little wild right now!  What else?…. Ive been doing my walks every morning, and I could swear that Uncle Junior, June Bug, Corrado Soprano or whatever you want to call him is walking every morning also! I mean, he looks exactly like him! I almost stopped him today…OK, watched too many Soprano’s episodes this past month!  what else? I asked one of the students why he didn’t know something when he clearly did, he answered "because I am not smart, uh hello?! kids are rascals! Keep you posted on the Big move…… but here is one more piece of Art:Img_0995


29 Responses to “Going Back to Cali, Cali……”

  1. Maria Rodarte Says:

    We are gonna miss you so much Lilia. We will have to do a craft night before you leave.

  2. Denise Lewis Says:

    I’m so happy you are moving back! Where will you live? I will show you around to MY thrift stores- you will love them. May be we can get together with Amy to go to Long Beach flea market. Congrats on your decision to move back to Cali, Cali!

  3. kat Says:

    i’m sooooooo gonna miss you! we’ll just have to visit cali more often. remember, i’m just a phone call away, just as long as you don’t mind the 4 screaming kids!lol

  4. jeanetta Says:

    i know what you mean about going home. you want to be there but at the same time you are nervous. will i be what i have built up in my head? i recently returned to my home state after being away for almost 10 years. i find that i am missing where i moved from more than i thought i would and that its taking awhile to get settled here. but i am glad to be back.

  5. jen Says:

    We also moved away from our family and friends 2 1/2 years ago. After our trip home this summer, I’ve really been thinking about starting to plan our return. If only my husband and I were on the same page! Good luck during this time of transition. I love reading your blog, your artwork is lovely and makes me smile!

  6. Gabrielle Says:

    Hello…I have been visiting your blog for the last several months so I feel as if I “know” you. I love your style and feel like you would fit in with my little creative group, several of us are Latinas, we hit the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Aug..it was so much fun!! We also love to shop at French General and love Sweetpeas..we are from Orange County so we don’t get to LA that much but I do hope you’ll post about all the artsy stores and flea markets you go to..would love to read them in your blog. I know how it is to move…I get like a 10 year old itch it seems. I lived in Kaua’i for 10 years and then moved back to my home town in Calif. It’s coming the 10 years mark…and I’m getting that itch again. You are right it is such a rat race here…..I drove from OC to Canago park the other day to pick up an pedestal coffee table and it took like 4 hours!!!! I didn’t think I’d ever get there. Anyways…welcome back to this beautiful state even if it’s a rat race.

  7. ArtsyMama Says:

    Congrats on your big news. You are one busy lady!!
    LOVE your art. Thanks so much for always sharing the art you produce during the many different transitions in your life.
    Love it all. You are such an inspiration.

  8. Alice del Rosario Says:

    How exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! It’ll be nice to have family close by, but always hard to leave friends behind. A move is life-changing, to be sure. Do you know where you’ll be moving to in CA? Maybe we’ll be neighbors and hang out at Sweetpeas! he-he πŸ™‚ Would love to hit the thrift stores with you, Lilia!
    Thank you for the gorgeous book-I love it!

  9. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Just don’t leave your blog behind in Arizona. I love visiting it.

  10. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Just don’t leave your blog behind in Arizona. I love visiting it.

  11. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Just don’t leave your blog behind in Arizona. I love visiting it.

  12. Kim Johnson Says:

    That makes my heart ache Lilia…you have to come in before you leave. Will you be coming back for visits and maybe teach a class? My ladies love you and they are oh so sad as am I…boo hoo. Come in, we need to talk! Love ya girl!

  13. hallaren Says:

    I was rummaging through your old posts around Oscar time and saw the quote about Dith Pran who survived and lived to tell the horrors of the Khumer Rouge in Cambodia. He was the inspiration for the film The Killing Fields.
    Dith Pran lives in Northern New Jersey and is a photographer for the New York Times. We had the opportunity to meet him when he covered a science fair for which we volunteer. It was a quiet day when he came to shoot photos.
    He was gracious, quiet and very attentive to each science project and to each word spoken by those who lead him through the projects. He has a most peaceful face, soft with an open expression.
    He is a rather small man, about 5 foot 2, with a slight build.
    Afterwards, the PR guy said, “Do you know who that is?” I said, he mentioned he was from Cambodia, is it Dith Pran?”
    It was.
    So here’s to say that we never know who we will meet, how they will affect us, what lessons they will teach us, or what we will see or learn.
    Everyday is a new day to discover.
    Moving is perfectly awful, but the newness of a place, a person, a story, a taste or a sight is well worth it.
    Have a good move back to home.

  14. Tiffany Says:

    Good luck on your move, it’s a big decision, and I know how hard it can be. I’ll be sending you prayers for strengh and a quick sale!
    Love your collage art – very unique and fun!

  15. victoria Says:

    Welcome home.
    Maybe another class at Sweetpeas?
    Going to be a busy couple of months for you – hang in there!!

  16. Amy Says:

    The Sopranos…LOL. I HEAR you. The family part of that show is so funny…it tugs at you. Then you realize…”Wait..they kill people”.
    Love this blog so much. Hope your preparation and moving goes smoothly!

  17. Helle Greer Says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhh baby!!!
    That is wonderful news, where exactly will you live???,and when?
    oh what fun we will have.
    Let me know all the details.
    Now Mendy has to come out here to visit, and we can spend some real girlpower time.
    See you soon,

  18. Mendy Says:

    Lilia, I know you must be so sad to leave all of that, but you will be so happy in your new place…you can always go and visit, it’s not too far! We can still meet for some art things…maybe a big group back to AZ for Art Unraveled next summer!!!! I know you will be so happy in your new (yet familiar) state. Keep us all posted!!!! HUGS, Mendy

  19. Bristol Says:

    You have a wonderful blog, your artwork is great. Goodluck on your move.

  20. STaMPiN' d'AMouR Says:

    Love your ARTWORK!! It is WONDERFUL to look at!! Good luck on your move! I know you won’t miss the terribly HOT summers here… :0)

  21. dede warren Says:

    So glad you’re going to be back here. Can’t wait to plan a little get together to welcome you home!

  22. Michelle M White Says:

    Selfish me is soooooo excited! I hope it’s Southern CA!!!

  23. mary Says:

    Hi Lilia!
    I remember when you returned from The Bachlor Party and you mentioned how you missed Malibu. I hope that this is a very good move for all three of you!!! That your sunday dinners remain, that you all have wonderful new times at the great beaches (maye with Dede And Ethyn!), new places for weekend trips, and showing your daughter perhaps where you playeed at her age! It will a grand adventure in your family’s history!

  24. Debbie, Frenzy Stamper Says:

    Oh sweetie I’m happy for you but sad to see you go…..you’ll have to come be a visitor teacher….I’m so sad…keep a good blog for us….
    peanut will have to find a new chocolate place….
    come see me soon. your friend always Debbie

  25. Flea Market Queen Says:

    Back to Cali…I love Cali, of course I live here! I am in Orange County! Lots of fab thrifting and flea markets. I was just in AZ over the weekend…my parents and a sister live there and I did score wonderful, wonderful treasures there! Good luck on the move…

  26. Michelle Says:

    Such lovely pieces of art! I especially love “birds in the nest” and the tags!! Oh, you lucky girl- moving back to California! I moved away from CA 4 years ago to Texas and I have wanted to move back since the moment our airplane was landing in TX 4 years ago. I was sobbing as the plane landed. I hope we can move back some day. I miss my family and my husbands wonderful family so much!! Especially miss my mom who is my antiquing/art buddy. I’m so happy for you!!

  27. Britt Says:

    Wow Lilia! That is very cool! I know you love Cali,but I am sure it will be hard for you to leave Scottsdale. I watched ‘Little Miss Sunshine” again last night and thought of you.(The competition is in Redondo Beach.lol.)
    Ok….I know that you said you would check out my new blog in your Email,but I changed the url(long story) lol. It is now http://sparkledvintagecharm.blogspot.com
    Best of luck with the move!!! Hugs πŸ™‚ Britt

  28. Marilyn Says:

    That’s such good news for you but bad news for all of us who will miss you here in AZ. At least one family is escaping from the HOT PLACE… there must be hope for the rest of us! And all the more reason for you to put in a proposal to teach at Art Unraveled next year and share your ideas with more and more creative people, Lilia! You’d get to come back and visit all your thrift stores and your art friends here plus teach in a wonderful setting. You’re such a lovely person that you deserve to get your heart’s desire! HUGS, Marilyn

  29. suzi finer Says:

    hope you’re moving over in our neck of the woods…

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