Sunday Night Dinner……..

Started a new tradition in our little family… Sunday night sit-down dinner. I was inspired by get this…. The Sopranos. Yes, I love Mafia movies . The funny thing is I cant stand violence in Movies. I cant figure this one out either. The tradition is this, Italian food, Sinatra or Dean Martin, candles and the best dishes I own (vintage of course and cheap). Then a walk after. It is so hard to get the family on the same page during the week. My husband eats late at night, and I like to eat real early. I feel like we have lost allot of this in this with our families. What a shame. Enough on that…… Look at Rascals new Apron, made it Friday night…..Img_0974 She did Art all weekend. Made a mess of the home…but she had to make 5 cards for Daddy’s Birthday. She also went in her piggy bank and came out with a dollar to put in one of the cards. How cute is that? What else?  Found some time Saturday morning to go Thrifting…….. haven’t been in a while and needed a Cheap Thrill….. I am loving these Reader’s Digest condensed books and here is why…Img_0943

The covers are just so pretty! The covers do not need any altering. 20 cents a piece! Loving them……..Ohh the pages are just waiting for some Art! Speaking of Art here are just some things I am working on:Img_0952 Img_0950 Img_0947 Img_0949_2

Just a couple of new Book making classes in the works. Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.


18 Responses to “Sunday Night Dinner……..”

  1. Cerri Says:

    Lilia! Love that you were inspired to do family dinners by the Sapranos! :0)
    Those covers of the Readers Guide books are gorgeous!!! I look all the time, but never find any with pretty covers!
    Love all of the pages you have shown here!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  2. suzi finer Says:

    hey lady…can’t wait for you to come back this way…

  3. Barbara Says:

    Great idea with the Sunday night dinner. It is always a challenge for us to find time to eat together…even on the weekends, unless we go out somewhere. So sad. Love what you did with the books. I always look at old readers digest condensed books and think they would make a great start to an altered book…guess I really need to try this!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  4. Gill Says:

    Great idea about the Readers Digest books, those covers are just fab. I know what you mean about trying to get everyone together, it’s even more difficult with teenagers they just don’t want to be tied down to being home at a certain time. We try and sit down together on a Sunday evening too, it seems to suit us all, and I think I’ll try to make it more special like you have with music and best china! Nice post.

  5. Queen Bee Says:

    I love the idea of sunday night dinner nights. I’ll have to try and intorduce something similar at home 🙂

  6. Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal Says:

    Everything is so pretty, I especially love the one with the girl next to the birdbath.
    My hubby eats to late too, I have to eat by 6:00 p.m. or I swear I will chew my arm off…LOL He doesn’t eat till around 8-ish.

  7. Renee Kyweriga Says:

    I love the covers of those books and .20 cnts very nice deal!
    Sunday dinner what a fabulous idea and how fun getting to use all of your vintage dishes! Plus I bet it will be a great memory for your daughter when she is older, my family used to do Sunday brunch after church and I just loved it.

  8. Alice dR Says:

    Lilia, looks like you have a supermodel in the making! Darianne looks so adorable in her school outfit. Love the apron too!

  9. lia Says:

    miss you! I’d give my eye-teeth to take even a one hour class with you! you’re work always amazes me. you are so generous too and I treasure everything you’ve sent me. You are a special lady my dear! xoxo Lia

  10. Jan Says:

    Hi! Just found your blog linking off “now I can’t remember who’s” blogspot and wanted to say, “wonderful! wonderful that you’re making the effort to have dinner as a family at least once a week! and i love the walk afterwards idea.”
    saw a video of a sermon just this week and it was called, “30 days to live”… would you change your life if you knew you only had 30 days to live…
    you’re sure on the right track!!
    am going to look at the rest of your blog and am sure i’ll add you to my favorites list – love what i’ve seen so far! jan

  11. Flea Market Queen Says:

    I love the Sunday night dinner idea! What fun…
    The book covers are precious, love your creations!

  12. Colleen Says:

    That is too adorable that you were inspired by the Sopranos 😀 Your daughter is just too cute!

  13. Britt Says:

    What a fabulous idea Lilia! You are so talented! Remember how you asked me last week(or whenever it was) in that sweet email you sent me about my blog? Well,I have started one now(finally! lol) It is
    I just wrote about readers digest books today! Wow! 20 cents?! that is a great deal! Take care and have a great night! Hugs! Britt

  14. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    I’m a mafia-movie nut too. I’ve watched every Sopranos episode–most of them several times. And I love “The Godfather.” Can quote most of the dialog.
    Your books are gorgeous.

  15. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    I’m a mafia-movie nut too. I’ve watched every Sopranos episode–most of them several times. And I love “The Godfather.” Can quote most of the dialog.
    Your books are gorgeous.

  16. Laura Bray Says:

    Loved this entry. Hope you don’t mind-I posted a link to it on my blog!

  17. Sue Says:

    Just browsing and came across your blog, you are very clever and creative! We too have Sunday nite dinners, but they have gone from every week, to once a month! We’ll have to get back on track! I too collect those readers digest books, have about 8, but you have some real pretty ones.

  18. Christina Says:

    I have the same quirky thing with the Sopranos. I can’t stand violence, but something about the Sopranos draws me in anyway. I too can not figure that out. LOL

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