Where I have been…..

   Img_0935_2Where have I been? Well…. School has started this week. What a week and so much to share! This is the only little piece of Art I have done for 1 week, some little hand-drawn Bird tags. Tonight is my night to Play…… Yay! I probably wont last past 10:00  but that’s Ok, I have the rest of the weekend! Well Rascal is officially in Kindergarten. Here  is her first day….Img_0913  She already has herself a boyfriend…….. that’s just great! A few things to share about the week……..

* A boy in our class was asked what his favorite color is and he said " I like the colors from the dark-side, black and red, for blood". I am watching over my back big time…..

* Hubby and I have a huge life-changing announcement to make and will share about it next week. I will give you a hint, I will probably not melt in this heat ever again!

* Shared the best bottle of wine I have ever had in my life last night and it was almost as old as me, a Bordeaux,  the year 1973  Grand Vin De Chateau Latour. Wow……….no wine will taste good enough ever again! I am forever ruined!

Here are some pictures from My Class:Img_0922 Img_0927_3 Img_0928_2

Montessori Materials are my favorite!  I cannot show the children, but we do have the best class! Funny kids…..and be careful what your children hear from you or what they see, they do tell us everything!


15 Responses to “Where I have been…..”

  1. Monicaa Says:

    Oh my she looks so GROWN up!
    Has it been that long since I have seen her??
    I can not believe you are leaving the HEAT before me,lol We must get together before then friend 🙂

  2. Cerri Says:

    Well, I can’t wait to hear your news!!! Are you moving to TN? That would be a dream! LOL
    I’m a little concerned about your darkside student. What does he draw??
    Your sweet girl looks adorable!!! I hope she is just loving kindergarten!! Such a fun time!!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  3. Freda Says:

    I’m a frequent reader of your blog…I just had to say, that comment about the little kid’s favorite colors was so funny!
    I live in San Diego. Do you plan on coming out this way to do a class anytime? I’d love to attend.

  4. Ele Says:

    Your daughter looks adorable. Your classroom also looks very inviting.

  5. vintage flair Says:

    My daughter is headed back to monetssori on Monday. I am excited for her to go back as so is she. You daughter is so precious in her uniform.

  6. Flea Market Queen Says:

    I love the sweet tags, they are so sweet!
    And how adorable is your “kindergarten princess”,
    enjoy your class!

  7. Kim Johnson Says:

    Oh Lilia…I’m afraid of what your announcement will be. AZ won’t be the same. Can we squeak in one more class? I have yet to get to take one from you. Your daughter is adorable. Call me girl!

  8. Katy Lunsford Says:

    Lilia – oh I hope it’s North Carolina, would love to meet you! We have our share of heat, but we do have all 4 seasons which is nice.
    Love those tags, I haven’t had much time for crafting this week either, work sure gets in the way doesn’t it!
    Your baby is beautiful – a boyfriend – how sweet. Make sure you get pictures of them together, she’ll get a kick out of them much later in life I’m sure.
    You are so inspiring. All good things for you – Katy

  9. Victoria Says:

    Lilia – I love those tags, simply adorable!
    School doesn’t start for us for two more weeks.
    My son’s favorite color has always been “black” but I think it’s because he’s color blind. I would just watch what sort of pictures he draws.
    Are you moving back to LA???? It’s been very very hot here this week, I’m sure it’s nothing like AZ but for us CA’s it’s too hot!!
    take care,

  10. Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal Says:

    Oh I love those little birdie tags…they are so “tweet” 🙂

  11. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    The little bird tags are lovely.

  12. Michelle M White Says:

    Okay…I have to wait!?! I hope it’s So Cal!!!! Then we can play!

  13. donnaj Says:

    a kindergartener who likes “the dark side” wonder where he got that from~from the mouths of babes!

  14. Mendy Says:

    Love your classroom Lilia! Yes, I’d watch out for the kid with “blood and darkness” on his mind!! Have fun!! hugs, mendy

  15. angela Says:

    Well, I know you won’t be moving to Ga. since we have had temps over 100 for 2 weeks now and our humidity is horrible. Wherever you are going they will be lucky to get you!!!
    Abt. the things kids will say, my 3 yr old was in Vacation Bible School and was learning abt. the Lord’s Supper. The teachers(newlyweds with no children) asked a question abt. eating supper with your family when my child has to blurt out “My mama took a picture of my naked butt today”. It was a shock to them I know but I explained to them when he came down from nap time he had taken his clothes off and had nothing on but tye-dyed red and white soccer socks that were up to his thighs with one brown hiking boot and one navy blue tennis shoe on. How could I not take a picture of that?

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