Saturday Morning Routines………

Img_0877 Saturday Mornings are important in our Home…..I usually have a routine. Here is the usual routine on Saturday: (subject to change due to just LIFE!)

7 am: 4 to 5 mile Morning walk or Jog

8 :20 am: Make breakfast for family and have hubby make the much needed coffeeImg_0869

9:00 am: wash all sheets first and do the rest of the laundry. Of course this is an all day process

9:30 am till about 11:30 am: The maid arrives (that would be me!) I first start in the kitchen then head over to the back of the house. Hubby has his own chores on a list!

Noon: any extra projects like sewing buttons, ironing,  cleaning patio etc.

Guess who is now part of the morning Maintenance crew? Yup, its The big 5 year old! here is her bed making process and she is ohhh so proud!Img_0879 Img_0880 Img_0881 So am I………!Img_0892

She is such a help! She also helps me dust the living room and put her clothes  away and her toys away… starting her real early. The rest of the day is Play day! I think that is why I love Saturday afternoons so much. Everything is nice and clean and we can just kick around with nothing to do!  You have to see the little bird clips I found for Darianne’s hair:Img_0891  I love them, I think I need to get more in every color! Well, I better finish the laundry and the rest of the cleaning, did I mention I take a few breaks in between? After all it’s Saturday I have permission to lolly-gag…. Here is the project that I have to tackle for the day:Img_0900 Organize this girl’s closet! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday, don’t you just love them? I am kind of curious of what you do on Saturday mornings….. ? Please share.


17 Responses to “Saturday Morning Routines………”

  1. Mendy Says:

    OK…I can proudly say that I have stayed at Lilia’s house AND stayed in Darianne’s room!!! Her house is tooooo clean! It’s perfect!! I do my grocery shopping on Saturday AFTER my dance class in the am…love the latin dance class! Saturdays are my lazy days with the family. I usually do a few hours of art on Saturdays too. Love the weekend! Hate the cleaning…
    hugs, Mendy

  2. Nicole Says:

    Can you send your daugther over to teach my 10 year old to make his bed! He drives me insane!!! And seriously…all he has do do is straighten up his comforter and set the pillows nice!

  3. Alice dR Says:

    Ditto Nicole! Maybe Darianne can teach Morgan to make his bed and clean his room. Must be a boy thing. . .
    xoxo, Alice

  4. Joy For the Journey Says:

    Isn’t it funny how much we all have in common?? My routine is very similar, although generally also includes a trip (or two!) to Target!
    Sarah 🙂
    Congrats on having a wee one ready to tackle the ‘bed-thing’!

  5. Gill Says:

    Yes we all do have so much in common, my Saturdays are much the same here in the UK. I often think I shoud try and get all the housework done on a Friday and then I can have most of Saturday to do fun things…but I’m just too tired at the end of the working week. And Friday nights are for food shopping (which I’d have to do Saturday if I didn’t do it Friday).
    My two children are never as helpful as your daughter. They’re lazy!

  6. lisa Says:

    Can I just say I love your blog! I have been reading thru it and find you also love Little House On The Prairie! I get alot of teasing over that so its nice to find another who loves it like me!
    You create terrific art! I wish I could take your class but Im too far away! The paper pieces intrigue me! Kind Regards and I hope I can add you to my favorites. Lisa

  7. Heather Says:

    Oh I just tackled my daughters closet and dresser… ugh. I hate sorting thru clothes and she is so uncooperative when it comes to trying on clothes to see if they are too small. Coffee is an important part of ANY morning..

  8. Barbara Says:

    For the summer, it was taxi-ing daughter to different basketball practices. Now that bb is over, it is getting up, take doggie out, make coffee, empty all garbage cans and put out for garbage collectors, collect all recycles and put out for recycle collectors, poop patrol (collect doggie presents from the yard and put in garbage can) and once daughter is up, go somewhere for breakfast.

  9. Tammy Says:

    While she’s at it, can she teach my dog to change the sheets, too?! Boy, that would sure be a help!! haha

  10. Dina Heaps Says:

    Love your blog!! Where did you find those bird hair clips?? Very cute!

  11. Dina Heaps Says:

    Love your blog!! Where did you find those bird hair clips?? Very cute!

  12. ellene Says:

    my Sat. routine is not quite as industrious as yours, but occasionally I go on a cleaning binge. Mostly I love cooking breakfast for my family, something we don’t have time for on any other morning. Love that chenille bag of scraps you found! what a steal!

  13. Marge Says:

    I don’t do nothing on Saturdays morning, I get up early and hit the garage sales with my hubby and then by noon we head home and eat breakfast and then watch movies and knit or crafts. I do laundry later at night maybe one load or two then finish the rest sunday, lol.

  14. STaMPiN' d'AMouR Says:

    I LOVE your photos!! It’s like pix you see in a magazine!! LOVE your BLOG!!
    I haven’t been to Target yet! But, I made it over to Art Unraveled on Saturday (I posted it on my Bloggie w/photos). :0)

  15. Cece Says:

    That is so great you are getting Darianne started with such good habits and structure at such a young age! I wish wish wish I had been raised that way. My dear Mom, although a lovely Mom, did not have such good habits or a routine so it is kind of an uphill battle when you have to more-or-less “train” yourself. I hope to establish such good habits in my future children like you! Thanks for the inspiration and the darling photos! Cece

  16. mary Says:

    Hi Lilia!
    First…LOVE the bird barrets. Adorable in Dariannes hair! And What a beautiful job she did on her bed!!! Hip horray for Darianne! : )
    I used to have routines when the kids where still in school. Saturdays however turned into sports day for our son and then took over our lives! Luckily ( i say somewhat selfishly) Doug did not continue with H.s. sports after Freshman Tennis. Caitlin, as a freshman, won the upstate 8 with her partner, a junior. The played upperclassmen!!! So she accomplished her goal and headed for the Literary clubs the next year. So what am I saying??? I had my routine especially during the week, and left weekends to our family and Hubby , and “LIFE”. I miss the “being a mother ” part….it is different somewhat now. much less organized…ah Thanks Lilia!!! between you and Dede i have a solution to my Problem. well one any way hahahah! But it is ALL GOOd 🙂

  17. Kimberly Kwan Says:

    Love it! Liv thinks I am the only Mom in the WHOLE-ENTIRE-CRUEL-WORLD who makes her tidy her room and make her bed EVERY SINGLE day before anything else….just wait till her 7th b-day and laundry lessons… (evil laugh) he he he!
    How is Kindergarten? Does the LOVE it? Liv is in HEAVEN (so am I!)!

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