Img_0810 Found some pretty things today…… Vintage metal flower pins at 50 cents each. I just love them, they make me happy. I also found a huge bag of vintage chenille fabric. It was 80 cents… I don’t know what I will do with it, maybe make a couple pillows? Or some baby books with it. I don’t know but I know they make me happy.Img_0813

Rascal made these paper plates for Claire’s wedding…. she said she was going to walk with them down the aisle and hand one to the Bride and one to the groom. She is not in the wedding party, but is somehow finding a way to fit herself in. It sure makes me happy. What makes you happy?Img_0804


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  1. Renee Kyweriga Says:

    That is so adorable of her, and a very clever idea on how to get into the wedding party I might add. They turned out beautiful!

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    The chenille fabric is a great score. Congrats.

  3. ArtsyMama Says:

    Your daughter is so creative! LOVIN’ that chenille. Ooohhhhhhh….

  4. Dede Warren Says:

    your happy outlook makes me happy. thanks fo sharing all you do!
    hugs, dede

  5. mary Says:

    Your posts make me happy…no matter what they are about be cause ouy are sharing yourself and all of your kindness for others.
    Seeing kids being kids always makes me smile…they are so pure : )

  6. debbies-english-treasures Says:

    What great finds!
    And… you and your darling daugther are soooo creative!
    To both of you, Keep up with the good work.
    Kisses Kisses

  7. nicole palanzi Says:

    I loved how you took time out of your busy schedual to get those great flea market finds.Loving the chenille! Let me know if you’d like to part with them.
    etsy site:Saffrondaisy check it out!

  8. saffrondaisy Says:

    I just joined this blog nicolepalanzi sent a comment about your chenille yesterday jus5t to let you know my e-mail is my blog name your stuff!nicole

  9. Jan Says:

    THE CHENILLE!!! Oh, if I coveted, this would be what I would covet! LOL
    What an amazing find – make something wonderfully sweet with the pink and white and then let us see it;)

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