A couple of Art Pages for the day……

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What a crazy summer. Lots of things happening in my Life right now. I mean Life changing things. It doesn’t seem like it at this time, but it is all good. It always is. Had a little time to work on a Giant Altered book for Darianne……… it’s about 10×15.  It’s a challenge for me. I do better with a smaller canvas. I think I am going to call it her "Pink" book, because it seems to be the theme. It sure feels good filling up her books. Kindergarten…….. it’s here. makes me a little sad. I am also enjoying every little thing about her. Like this for instance:Img_0788  She came out with this little outfit and told me that she added the belt because it needed something pretty. Loving it………. Loving her.

Some little things I love right now………

*Admiring  my lawn and knowing that I mowed it

*My Art world and Art friends

*Back to school supplies….. I feel like a kid again!

*Cool School uniforms…..going to make my mornings much easier

*Perfecting a Coconut Ice Box cake…..It took a while but I think I got it!

*Doing everything on the "to Do List"

* Using my herbs from my little herb garden in a recipe

*Mother nature giving us a little break from the unbearable heat

*Being alive and healthy in this beautiful Country

And so many other little things that are overlooked and underappreciated…….. but we are reminded of when unfortunate events happen ……..like the 4 men in that tragic accident over Phoenix last Friday….. God Bless them……


12 Responses to “A couple of Art Pages for the day……”

  1. Helle Greer Says:

    Stunning pages as always…
    She is such an Angel.
    Best of luck with your teaching, I’m heading to Denmark for 2 weeks on Wednesday.
    Later my friend,

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Love the altered book pages. Pink is my favorite color.

  3. ArtsyMama Says:

    Absolutely love your pages here, Lilia. Sounds like you have a lot going on. Your little darling off to school..wow! I’m sure she’ll have a ball. She looks like she’s ready to go:)

  4. Laura Bray Says:

    Great pages. I have a big fear of working on large surfaces. I’m so much more comfortable staying small. It’s something I want to work on. Love your blog-so inspiring!

  5. mary Says:

    Ok, this is IT Lilia!!!! The class you should teach at a Silver Bella!!! Your book for your daughter is a master piece!!!!
    I agree with posting what we appreciate….Beautiful!

  6. Ele Says:

    Love the “pink” book pages and yes you are right, so many unappreciated things. We all have things to be thankful about.

  7. dawn Says:

    *you are amazing!

  8. debbies-english-treasures Says:

    WOW, WOW, what a fabulous Blog you have, soo many beautiful photos, and family,funny stories and creativity…
    I will come regulary to see what you have been up to!
    Keep up with the good work!
    Kisses Kisses

  9. Flea Market Queen Says:

    Oh…she’s a “fashionista”! Loving it…
    Love your book too, very pink, my fav color!
    You reminded me to count my blessings…for I have many!
    Thank you

  10. Sarah Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing – you are an inspiration!

  11. ~liz Says:

    These are very pretty. Nice post

  12. Tautchia Says:

    Lilia, your pink book for your daughter is beautiful – as your art always is. It makes me happy. thanks for sharing it with us!

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