Well back and ohh soo tired….

Img_0682 This is the  view from my friend Laurie’s house. Boy do I love that beach…. sigh…… disappointed in Mathew though, let’s just say he is not the cleanest guy and leave it at that…. he still is gorgeous though. The "Hoff" (David Hasselhoff) moved a couple doors down next to Heather Locklear and we saw the new famous couple laying out (Heather and Jack Wagner). That’s the report from Malibu………. now back to my Home and about that Bachlorette party! Tired, tired tired! I am paying for a long night out with the sun coming up as we were getting driven home! I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun coming up from a night of going out! Lots of dancing and fun! Here is Claire in the limo…Img_0741

She loved the little touches at the shower…..Here is some of what the shower looked like:Img_0684 Img_0699 Img_0688 Img_0724

I think she enjoyed herself…

I came home and got so busy, school is starting in 2 weeks! Teacher work-days in 1 week! I have been doing the crazy shopping for school stuff found this cute Retro-style Metal lunch box at Big Lots for 5 dollars……… how cute is that?Img_0775

I started getting a little sad that my Daughter is starting Kindergarten…….. So I worked on a couple of pages in her Baby Album:Img_0776 Img_0777 Img_0782 Img_0783

Well back to everyday life here in Arizona…… Boy do I miss that Malibu……….. I can only Dream………….


9 Responses to “Well back and ohh soo tired….”

  1. Katy Says:

    Hi Lilia – I have to know about Matthew???? What do you mean?
    So glad you had a good time, love your shower goodies! Katy

  2. Monicaa Says:

    looks like you all had a great time and I am sure you do miss the relaxation of the BEACH~

  3. Mendy Says:

    I am SO glad everything turned out fabulous. You worked so hard organizing everything. It sounded exactly like you had planned it! HOW funny to see the famous couple at the beach! The baby album looks great…hugs! Mendy

  4. julie collings Says:

    what beautiful things for the bride, such a gift of love.
    my sweetie starts kindergarten this year as well and i am also getting ready to teach this year! i have a few more days of summer since our school doesn’t start until the end of august, but it is on my mind.
    good luck getting everything ready for the big first day. hugs, julie

  5. Flea Market Queen Says:

    Aw Malibu…love it! So happy you had a great time. I’m sure everything was gorgeous…

  6. Kimla Cotropia Says:

    Welcome back…and I must say your pages in your daughter’s baby book are incredible…so sweet and flea market shabby. Nice job!!

  7. charlotte lyons Says:

    oh, to have those school days back again…the fun of it all. the excitement. sweet.

  8. Margie Says:

    I don’t think I ever realized you were a a teacher in Az. So am I! WHERE do you find lovely things here? I cannot find anything! I usually use the internet, catalog, or visit back east!

  9. mary Says:

    OH but what a beautiful life in AZ…. “i predict that in your next post you tell us all of what you are appreciative of”!!! Hehehe. I know …but it is HOT HERE ALSO!!! The humor gets weird!

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