Some fun things Ive found along the way…..

Ok, I missed my cool Thrift Stores while I was gone…… went yesterday and found some fun things! I did get a chance to go thrifting in LA LA Land with the best Thrift-pal ever…. My brother! The great thing about going with him is he goes one way and I go the other….. we are almost always finished at the same time. He finds vintage records… mostly retro-funk and vintage Latin. He is amazing at what he does! He still DJ’s from time to time, but that collection of records! Wow, if I could just get my  paws on them to sell on Ebay I would feel like that lady in 40 year-old Virgin! Here are a couple of things that I found in LA…..Img_0426 Img_0409Img_0410

The old photographs are from Melrose trading Post they were all 1 dollar each…. the vintage child’s suitcase was 2.99 at a Goodwill…. the vintage tin was 2 dollars, and the vintage jewel case was 2 dollars (I use them to store art supplies). When I go to visit my Mom , there is this Japanese Market Place that has the best food! It has a mini mall inside and a food court! Usually for lunch I get a Bento Box for 5.25 filled with Yummy chicken, sticky rice, Miso soup and Tempura Veggies! They also make this delicious green tea and asked if they sell it and they do! I love it! Bought 4 boxes of the stuff! I also found these cute parasols 15 of them to be exact at one of my other favorite Stores Maruakai. It is a Japanese dollar store…… These were 1.50 each. Here is what I found yesterday at my Thrift Stores and why I love them here in AZ….Img_0432 Img_0433

the tins were 1 dollar each, the fabric and lace was 1 dollar each, the Napkins were 75 cents, the chicken candy container was 2.99, the Flashcards were 50 cents, and the pictures were 10 cents each….. In the basket are a huge bag of vintage cards for 1 dollar for the whole bag! I also went next door at Mystic Paper and found the wooden box for 5.50 and the vintage tin for 1.50! Ok, now off to get my class Packs ready for my class at Mystic Paper on Saturday! Hope everyone is staying cool, it is supposed to be 108 today…….. waaaaaa!


8 Responses to “Some fun things Ive found along the way…..”

  1. Sarah Says:

    You get the BEST deals on the BEST stuff! SOOOO envious! I’m a HUGE thrift-fan but rarely score such vintage goodness! LOVE seeing your found treasures though! 😉

  2. Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift Says:

    We live in BC, Canada but we are building a winter home in Queen Creek,AZ and plan to be there by Nov 1.We can live there for 6 months at a time and I will follow your blog to see when and where you will be teaching classes. I often take classes at Scrapbooks Etc, but will look to see where you are as well. I really love your blog, it is so cheerful and colorful and gives me lots of inspiration. Thanks,

  3. Maria Rodarte Says:

    Hey Lil, I can see you had fun in California. Great finds. Talk to you soon girl.

  4. greenlee Says:

    I love the parasols! A Japanese dollar store -that sounds fabulous!!

  5. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    I love thrifting. But you have much better thrift stores than I do.

  6. Renee Says:

    I love the parasols and what a steal at 1.50 good job.

  7. allisonstrine Says:

    Ooh, I love your blog! This makes me feel like I’m at a flea market of love!! I’m linking you to mine, so I can remember to come back, okay?

  8. tammy g. Says:

    Oh, I love that little suitcase – especially since it has bluebirds on it. I’ve been trying to start a collection of vintage chubby cute bluebird things, but they are way too expensive on eBay & the antique stores. That was at the Goodwill? I need to go visit that one. lol. Today though I was thrilled to stop at the thrift store & found 1 vintage green pyrex bowl & 1 vintage aqua (my fave) pyrex casserole dish – $4 total! woo-hoo. Now, I just need to find the blue bowl & I’ll have the complete set of 4.

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