Its National Wear your Apron day!

I joined the Flickr group APRONS!  wear aprons as fashion  . And today is National wear your apron day! I went to fish all of my aprons out of my closet and found 23! Obsessed, you think?? I think I was born in the wrong time. I love vintage, thrifty and Anthropologie aprons! I also love when someone makes their own. I made this little birdie apron for my daughter, not the whole apron, just added the birdie and lace. I am supposed to have some pictures of me wearing aprons all day long…. here are a couple…… Birdapron_3 Img_9883_3

Did I happen to mention I need a Life??I need a Life!Img_9878_3

I was tagged the other day on 7 random facts about me.. I think this is one of them, I am obsessed with aprons along with every other Vintage thing! I am wearing shorts under the aprons I promise! Didn’t we already do this? OK here are some more to amuse you….

1. I always start my runs listening to Journey’s "Anyway you want it" and end them with Michael Bluble’s "Home" It is a ritual I cant shake

2. My biological father was a famous singer in Mexico, I did not grow up with him but own all his records and Cd’s

3. I adore Old people… they have so much Wisdom and so much to offer, we all can learn something from them!

4. I have 42 cousin’s on my Mothers side alone… My abuelita had 11 children. And yes we are a Mexican/Catholic Familia

5. I love exotic Foods, my favorite is Japanese.. I could probably eat it everyday, if I did not enjoy… Vietnamese, Korean, Cuban, Mediterranean, etc……… I will try something once!

6. Before I was a Varsity Cheerleader in my High School, I was the Mascot.. It was a Big Seahawk (more like a chicken suit). I did this during my Freshman and Sophomore years. I just had to be on that field during The Varsity Friday Night games! Looking back I think I enjoyed this more!

7. I am double jointed on my elbows as you can tell on the picture above.I had a hard time with this during Cheer leading, they always told me to straighten my arms, I kept telling them I was, as you can see they are crooked!

If you did not think I was weird before, well there you have it!

What else? I hope everyone of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I thanked my Mom for everything yesterday and apologized for driving her crazy, I was a wild child, Poor Mom! Did you ever think it was going to be this hard, this Mother thing? I was warned! God Bless you if you have more than one! I could only handle one, then checked out! I will leave you with a cute story about her:

We have been listening to the Eagles lately (you could not tell what I am by my playlist, I love it all) . Well my daughter gets in the car the other day and we started listening to "Heartache tonight"… and she tells me she doesn’t like that song anymore and neither should I. I asked her why and she said that they talk about hurting each other . you know the part that says" somebody’s gonna hurt someone before the night is through" she says "just listen Mom, at the beginning of the song…….. see, and they don’t even apologize" I started to laugh, but this is the best part…… she waits a while and then she says " Well I guess it’s not too bad they do talk about having a party later" Ohhh cracks me up!!! she thought the song says "Gonna have a Party tonight"! too funny!  See Ya!


21 Responses to “Its National Wear your Apron day!”

  1. Jen Says:

    I love aprons too and yours are adorable. I love that chicken!

  2. Laura Says:

    Wow I did not know it was wear your apron day!! Oh,apron where are you???? your’s are super cute!

  3. Leslie Says:

    I need to put this on my calendar so I won’t forget apron day next year! What a cool day! There used to be this really neat store at Guadalupe and Dobson, gosh cannot remember the name of it, that I picked up the coolest vintage apron at. I need to dig that baby out today and wear it! I wish that little store was still there. Do you remember what that used to be called? Now it is Annie Attic or something, I don’t live over there anymore so have not gone into it since it has changed.
    Leslie – North Phoenix

  4. Southern Heart Says:

    What cute aprons! and I loved hearing about you, too (one of mine is that I’m afraid of mascots! Not you, though… 🙂

  5. Monicaa Says:

    Girl dont go having your air conditioner fixed wearing that APRON!!!LMAO 🙂
    You are too cute!!!!

  6. Gypsy Purple--Chamara Says:

    What a delightful post…loved it!!!!!

  7. Dionne @ Cherub*Kisses Says:

    Darling aprons!! Thanks for sharing :)) Our babes are great aren’t they?? so perceptive in so many ways … their ears listening … their eyes watching … taking it all in … making the job of Mother a huge responsibility :))

  8. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Love the pink apron and your story about the Eagles talk with your daughter. The Eagles are my favorite group EVER!

  9. Aina Says:

    I also ADORE old people! I much more prefer speaking to older than younger people. They show not anly more wisdom but also respect i think. That`s how i feel. And listen to what happend in the good old days :)Strange that you mention Aprons! I just made a plan to make one, and have search Flickr for pictures and inspirations. How odd is that? I have copied lots of pictures with the lovliest looks, i am very fond of the 50-60 looks…I even used one of your picture, without knowing it, in a post om my bloggsite for a while ago, the little pink apron with the little birdie..
    I hope that you didn`t mind…
    Well, i have to start cooking now, so i just wish you a very nice evening, greetings from Aina 🙂

  10. Karla Says:

    What a cute story! Sounds like you have a very kind and caring child on your hands.

  11. Tammy Says:

    I thought that Cars song said, “your run around with a paper towel, thinking it’s fun”…random…but your story about your daughter made me think of that.

  12. Melissa Says:

    Hi Lilia! I tagged you for “7 Random Things” – have fun! 🙂
    Loooved working in your Spring Secrets book! I hate to see it go…

  13. Toni Says:

    Just cruising through blogland and came upon your site. Love it!…I had no idea there was a National Apron Day!…Love your daughters humor, little ones are the best!

  14. Angie Says:

    I love your blog…looks to me you do have a life….a great daughter….I love your blog….Your post made me laugh….

  15. lia Says:

    OH, she is such a sweetie! I love that story and learning more about you. I am into Bon Jovi right now and my son and I have 2 ritual songs before his games the last 3 years….we must be related! talk soon. xoxoxo L.

  16. Rachelle Says:

    I have that same pyrex bowl-you have great taste! =)
    How cool to have such a big family! I’m totally jealous of all your cousins!

  17. Freda Says:

    I LOVE your senorita apron! Where did you get it????? I really really really want one!

  18. MarilynH Says:

    You are absolutely adorable, Lilia! Fun post—hey, we had that blue bowl when I was growing up.

  19. tammy g. Says:

    I love aprons too, I only have about 3 vintage ones ‘cuz I can’t find them & the antique mall is so pricey. Journey is my favorite band – I listen to the music almost every day – love it!
    I think old people are cool, too. They have lots of interesting things to say – I like when they just start talking in waiting rooms about anything. Once in a dentist office this elderly lady was talking about how in the 40s she only had 2 dresses to wear to work & she had removable lace collars to change the look. I KNOW I was born in the wrong time…I am slightly obsessed with the 1940s. Yesterday, I stopped at a rather raggy looking yard sale & found a treasure. Well, okay to me & you it is a treasure. I bought a box of old ephemera. Most of it was pay stubs from movie studios (Desilu), but there were old 1940s Playbills in great condition with great ads. There was even an old letter from the singer, Kate Smith dated 1943. The contents were from a woman Hollywood writer & after I looked her name up on Google I found she had worked with Kate Smith & then went on to write a lot of movies (Til the clouds roll by) & t.v. shows. I almost passed by this yard sale ‘cuz it really was random dirty stuff – cheap furniture, cheesy toys, mixed in with tons of pristine sheet music & albums from the 30s-40s of Bing Crosby & other famous singers!?? There was in an old calendar in my pile from 1897 & a few Western Union telegrams from 40s! What to do with some of this stuff…I guess, I better learn & start making collages now. lol. In a way, I feel I am preserving something that was probably gonna get dumped (well, maybe not, the guy did charge me $15 for the stuff)…ever since I discovered collage art in college (majored in Art History) I have wanted to do them. But, I never had time & still don’t – yes, I am a mother of more than one & my 6 yr old has classic autism, so I am still trying to find time for me.
    BTW, love your blog…can you tell? 🙂

  20. jane powell Says:

    I love the vintage look of everything you do, create and live. Although I do not live like that I adore the look. I spend way too much time working at my shop – random Arts in Saluda NC. Way way too much time creating a space for others to be inspired. I am somewhat envious that you live such a beautiful life. However, I am inspired by what you do and how you incorporate “beauty” into your life. Continue being true to yourself and your heritage. You are a beautiful person and you have helped make my day a happier one.

  21. Vicki Says:

    Hi, your photographs are beautiful, and the apron with the little bird is too cute! I know what you mean about old people..they are precious! I would love for you to visit my “Vintage Aprons” lens on — I have dozens of adorable vintage aprons on my lens! It is sad that I have my lens and don’t even know how many aprons I own! I did a lot of work on my house over the last few years, so I packed things up, and don’t know where anything is right now. I will soon get all my aprons together, photograph them (maybe even model them myself if I can lose a few pounds first) & show them off on my Vintage Aprons lens. Hope you will stop by! ~ Vicki ~

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