Packages going out today…..

Img_9819 This package is for My Mom, I cant spend Mothers day with her, but I am sending her a vintage candle holder for her patio with tea lights and a Bath and Body works Wallflower the Brown sugar Fig, have you ever smelled these? They are all through my house and Wow they are so yummy! I have been so busy planning a class at Mystic Paper in Downtown Mesa. If you have never been to this Store you just have to go! Ive been going in to Kim’s Antique Store before she became a Vintage/Shabby Scrapbook store wayyyy back . She moved her store across the street and kept her Antique Store next door so it is combined! I can find cool Scrapbook products and go next door to find cool Antiques and Vintage supplies…. How cool is that?? It says Flea Market Studio all over it! I cant wait for my Buddy Mendy to come visit in June so I can take her there, she is going to love it! What else is going on? Grandma is still just hanging in there, and I thank everyone for all the support and e-mails Ive been receiving….. I just love my Blogging friends! Remember I told you I was spacey? Well I think the Post office is out there also, How could they have also missed this???Img_9829 Did anyone see a address on the package? Nope not me…… a month later and boy did they stress me out! I pride myself on being on time on Swaps and sending them out ASAP well ….. Marylin e-mailed me and asked if I sent out Kari’s book yet…..Ohhhh set me into panic mode…… but poor Kari, she thought her book was gone and she was so patient and sweet about the whole thing! I was positive it was coming back and yesterday ….. all I can say is KARI GETS HER BOOK BACK YAY!!  Now to tend to another mistake I have made, sending my new Round Robin’s book to the wrong person, yup I am not all here and I apologize in advance for this! So here is Kari’s package that is going out today!Img_9825 And All the pages I did and that I am finishing in the new Round Robin that we are in…………Img_9826 Img_9827 Img_9828 goodbye for now!


24 Responses to “Packages going out today…..”

  1. Kim Johnson Says:

    Hey Girl!
    Jennifer and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Friday night is gonna ROCK! So glad that you, the little one, and your mom are coming!

  2. Laura Says:


  3. ArtsyMama Says:

    So sorry about all the shipping hassle. Glad it worked itself out! Everything looks divine. Can’t wait to see my spring book and the new round robin pages look FABULOUS!!!
    Love every bit of your work…always! It’s just amazing:):)

  4. Barbara Says:

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way for your Grandma. So glad you got the package back. You must be SO RELIEVED!!! Love all the WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS, and TOTALLY FANTASTIC pages you created!!! Those stores sound INCREDIBLE!!! Sounds like I need a trip to Mesa, he he!!!

  5. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Beautiful package; beautiful pages. Love your work.

  6. Heather~Pretty Petals Says:

    Hi Lilia! Everything is beautiful! I LOVE all the blues! I am so glad your package came back!
    I sent your swap package out on Tuesday…hope you get it by tomorrow!

  7. Karen Says:

    Oooh, that shop sounds right up my alley! If only you weren’t 2000 miles away, lol! Glad to know that there are other flakey people out there–BUT, I know that it is more a result of being so busy than actual flakiness. Your projects looks just beautiful, as usual! Take care.
    Smiles, Karen

  8. ArtsyMama Says:

    My book came back today. It is beyond GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful art you contributed. I just adore it. I posted all the pages on my blog.

  9. Lori Says:

    love your work!
    i just ordered that fragrance from Bath and Body works!
    Love it!

  10. Ginny Says:

    Just seen the finished journal on Kari’s blog, it is absolutely devine. I love it!!
    You do create some amazing things, can’t wait to have ago at this collage art myself. I have truly been inspired.
    best wishes Ginny (in England)

  11. jes Says:

    I just LOVE all of the pretty art pages in this post!!!
    And if it makes you feel better, I recently messed up packages! I sent my Sister’s birthday present all the way to Toronto…(she lives right here in Maine) and a swap pressie to my Sister! GEEZ…what’s wrong with us I ask you???
    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! xoxoxo

  12. Miss*Laurence Says:

    I follow Kari’s link to you and find another beautifully inspiring site!! Loved all your books pics!

  13. donnalayton Says:

    This is so very beautiful! So glad I’ve found your blog. Barbara Smith told me about you and I’ve just met Kari (artsymama) not long ago and I come here and see you’re the one Kari collaborated with on that gorgeous book! Cool.

  14. Maria Rodarte Says:

    Happy Mothers Day Girl!!!

  15. Rachelle Says:

    What beautiful pages! I’m thrilled that I discovered your blog!

  16. Mendy Says:

    OOH, your mom will LOVE all of her goodies! I’ll be visiting Mystic Paper soon…can’t wait!!

  17. Gypsy Purple--Chamara Says:

    A very very blessed Mothers Day to you..

  18. Aina Says:

    Reading your blog is always a pleasure! Great Energy!
    Greetings from Holland 🙂

  19. Zabrina Says:

    Ooooh thanks for sharing about these shops in Mesa. I live in Flagstaff and next time around there, I must go visit. I love your work, all the details and such…wonderful!!! Hope you had a beautiful mother’s day.

  20. Sadie Olive Says:

    Just found your blog through flicker… I love it! You have great pictures and such a fun style. I will be back! 🙂

  21. jennifer Paganellli Says:

    discovered your blog today and am having so much fun gazing about thanks for the eye candy feast…all my best, Jennifer

  22. jennifer Paganellli Says:

    discovered your blog today and am having so much fun gazing about thanks for the eye candy feast…all my best, Jennifer

  23. Aquareelle Says:

    Tout en finesse !! C’est très beau. *o

  24. jjennifer Paganellli Says:

    Hi I got everything safe and sound and loved the extra goodness you popped in there may I ask if the butterfly tissue paper is vintage I’d love more if it is…Jennifer

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