Going Green………..

Img_9667 Like my new Green Machine?? Well we know it’s not green, but it is battery operated. Leo and Al would be so proud! My husband and I own a Auction and Consignment Business, well the other day he found a "smokin" deal on 2 Scooters. Ive been wanting one  for a while. After watching Inconvenient Truth, I decided to get serious about what Ive always believed in. That Movie freaked me out. My brother would also be very proud of me he is our "Tree Hugger" of the family. He is always preaching to me about Global Warming. Well dummy me, when I told my Husband that I was going to tell my brother about the things Ive been doing that were very "Green", he pointed out that Ive been doing this for a long time by Recycling! Oh ya, duh!Hubby putting a little trunk on the back so I could put Groceries and Mail to drive to the Post Office. This thing is so fun!!  We will see what will happen when it is 118 outside, if I really do want to go for that ride! Img_9675 What else? Well this pretty Rose is not from my Garden:

it is from a Teacher that I work with’s Garden. Speaking of which did you know it was TEACHER APPRECIATION week? Well Ive been a Montessori School Teacher for over 15 years now. I work on Tuesday and Thursday only to pay for my Daughter’s Tuition, I will probably be full time again come next year and love it so much. To all the Teachers out there I give you a big hug and a Thank you for being such inspiration to our Children! You deserve so much more than you will ever know! Img_9676 Also this is going out Tomorrow for our Spring Secrets Round Robin. Bye Bye


8 Responses to “Going Green………..”

  1. Robin Sherwood Says:

    Just came through another blog site. What a find you are!
    Please come Robin Sherwood frecklefarm.

  2. Judy Scott Says:

    Love your mini quilt and I lurve your scooter, keep safe, Judy xxx

  3. kat Says:

    too cute! i could totally see you riding that around town

  4. Trudi Says:

    I went to a Montessori School when I was in second grade and it is some of my finest memories of school. I have taught special ed. for 18 years and do so many hands on learning activities as I remember from second grade. It’s amazing how one year can have such an impact. I would love to study Motessori, but have never had the opportunity. It’s such a great model. I’ve visited your site many times. It’s just wonderful. Thank you,

  5. Jill Says:

    The scooter looks like fun!
    I’ve been teaching for 22 years….what a ride it has been! So many changes have taken place in the educational system in those 22 years. I just hope, that with all that is going on in this world of ours, we remember one thing in regards to education…and that is…these are children…not little machines that regurgitate information…but creative little beings that need to be nurtured and encouraged to find their way…no matter what it may be. It is the journey that is important…not the destination!
    Thanks for all you do for the children in your school and community.

  6. Colleen Says:

    You’re a bona fide biker chick! I love all of your goodies, you always have the most lovely photos. Please be careful on your scooter.
    I’m not a teacher, but having four kids, I cannot put into words how much respect and appreciation that teachers deserve

  7. Erin Earls Says:

    Oh how lucky you are! I have wanted an electric scooter for a while. My loving husband says I can have one when I can figure out how to take 6 children with me. I will have to settle for a hybird. I enjoy your blog very much. Thank you~

  8. Andrea S. Says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! By the way, I tagged you on my blog!

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