Well we all knew that I was a chocoholic, but this is ridiculous! I might as well face the fact that I am a addict! I went on a sugar detox for lets see 3 weeks! I was at my Thrift Store the other day and found a book Ive been wanting for a while now called  The Chocolate cake mix Doctor. Its been on the Christmas/Birthday list for a couple years now and everyone has overlooked it. Well I found it for 1.99, as I was standing in line… I was reading the book. I realized most of the cakes require a Bundt pan. So I got out of line and found one for 1.99, went back in line and I thought I saw a beautiful pink Pyrex bowl,(I am a sucker for Pyrex along with everything else), went back in line with the Bowl and the lady in front of me turns around and says " You forgot the milk, eggs, flour, sugar…" Ohh that cracks me up, something I would have said! Well I did come home today and made the yummiest cake!!! It has chocolate fudge, chocolate chips, and chocolate icing. If you don’t know about this book, well let me tell you it is the easiest Cake book… all she does is use Cake mix and Doctor’s it up! Here is a picture of my purchases and that scrumptious cake!Img_9609 I also am in Heaven right now over My Amazing Book that came home yesterday from Marylin. WOW I MEAN WOW! This book is going to Amaze you to say the least! Marylin, Kari and I did a Round Robin together and Wow was I touched at all the work these ladies put in my book! I used a Vintage book and gutted it, then bound it with vintage cloth, a vintage image, beeswax and Satin ribbon. I always have "homes" for my books they either come in tins or boxes. I cant leave them all alone. I decorated a box, totally inspired by Pam.  Then I just played played and played some more, then sent it to Marylin in which she played and sent it to Kari….. and it came yesterday and here it is for everyone to enjoy! If only you could see it person……………… Thank you girls!!!Img_9610 Img_9616 Img_9618 Img_9622 Img_9621 Img_9611 Img_9613 Img_9614                                                    Marylin’s pages are here:

Did I tell you??????



32 Responses to “”

  1. Helle Greer Says:

    Stunning just stunning…
    Love every single page, pure eyecandy.
    Love me some cake too, yum.

  2. Laurie G. (morningk) Says:

    What a glorious book! Yes, I wish I could see it in person!
    And oh how I love your pink bowl. So lovely!

  3. Cindy Says:

    That book is just amaizing. I had seen one of Marilyn’s pages on her blog and fell in love with that page, every little detail is just so pretty. Love it love it.

  4. Becca Says:

    Mmmmmm ~ that cake looks yummy~
    (From a fellow chocoholic)

  5. cerri Says:

    Oh my gosh Lilia!! That book is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen!! Wonderful!!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  6. Heather~Pretty Petals Says:

    OH IT is GORGEOUS! I love the cover page with the roses! SO SO pretty…and that cake book doesn’t sound bad either! That is my kindof book…just doctor up the mix!

  7. Cheryl Says:

    All I can say is, WOW!!! What a beautiful book!

  8. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    The book is lovely. Such pretty images. Oh, and that cake–THAT CAKE!

  9. Laura Says:

    I would like one slice of chocolate cake and that pretty pink bowl is fabulous! You scored ! I love the thrift shop!

  10. Dionne @ Cherub*Kisses Says:

    Just wanted to say I have really enjoyed your blog… so pretty & so creative :)) I think what caught my attention was a few posts back … those Steve Madden leopard mules were too darn cute!! I am crazy for shoes, some of which never hit the ground only my carpet or hardwood floors LoL!!
    Have a wonderful weekend ~ Blessings, Dionne

  11. Barbara Says:

    Your cake sounds so yummy. Your book…MEGA-WOW!!! I love each and every page. So inspirational and totally gorgeous!!!

  12. Karla Says:

    What a beautiful book! That cake looks delicious! If it was in my house, I would have eaten all already!

  13. paige Says:

    oh my!!!!!!!!!
    gorgeous, simply gorgeous!!

  14. lauren Mumford Says:

    Great post Lilia! Yummy chocolate cake and an artful eyeful…great things to ponder on today. 🙂 Thanks!

  15. Monica Andrade Says:

    That chocolate cake sure looks delicious! and those pages…delicious too!!

  16. Tammy Says:

    What fun you had, and what great finds!! I love her cookbooks…there’s a Dinner Doctor, too, which is awesome!! Bon appetit!

  17. Victoria Grobels Says:

    This book is just gorgeous – as always your work so delightful.
    I have a question – how do you typically bind your books together? It looks like you make hole punches and use ribbon – let me know please.

  18. Sarah Says:

    This may be a strange question, but are there any markings on the bottom of that bowl? I am in love!

  19. kat Says:

    mmmm. chocolate. i did pass my diabetes test so i can eat all the chocolate i want. now that you have a bundt pan, here’s a super quick a nd easy recipe, even mark likes it: 8 bars (yes, 8) of milky way chocolate, 1 stick of butter and a box of yellow cake mix (the one that has pudding in the mix). melt the butter and candy bars in a sauce pan. mix the cake according to the box. mix the cake and melted chocolate together and pour in the bundt pan. bake at 350 degrees for however long it says in the box. the cake is even better once it’s been cooled in the ref. i also preffer to bake it in a 9×13 pan cause i never have luck with bundt cake pans. anyway, i will call you tomorrow. have a great rest of the sunday! xoxo

  20. deb Says:

    I’m completely blown away.. gorgeous!

  21. jenny holiday Says:

    Yessss…Isn’t this book just so so fabulous!! It truly is AMAZING what you can do with a mix! Who woulda thunk it! She also has a cupcakes book!!
    I had a good laugh picturing you at the thrift shop getting on and off line!! Soo funny!! And the gals comment about forgetting the milk,eggs,flour,sugar was pretty darn good!! 🙂
    Marylins book is just to die for!! I am LOOOOVING it!! The color palette is too too sweet! Lucky girl!! Her board for her Sparkle Bella class knocks my socks off!! Oh I wish I could go! boo hoo!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!! Happy Happy Sunday afternoon to you!! Big Hugs!
    xoxo Jenny your friend in NJ! 🙂

  22. Penny Says:

    I’m in awe! Oh the beauty, the labor of love. Breathtaking. Absolutely a treasure.

  23. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    I can not even begin to tell you how you inspired me with this book….totally, totally stunning!!!!!!

  24. shabbyinthecity Says:

    That is the cutest story of thrifting! The last thing I bought at Goodwill was a yellow bundt pan! It was really cheap…50 cents. I quickly made a chocolate cake too but we ate it so fast it didn’t matter about how pretty the shape was!

  25. Denise Says:

    I wish you were my neighbor – we would so hang out! I love what you’ve done today – thanks for the inspiration

  26. Karen Says:

    Absolutely Scrumptious!! Er,, both things! lol The cake and the beautiful book! WOW! What a bunch of talent.
    Smiles, Karen

  27. Laura Says:

    oh my gosh! I love it!

  28. Lori Says:

    That book is toatlly amazing!! Gorgeous!!

  29. Lori Says:

    Well, of course I meant totally!! Must proof-read.

  30. Brieanne Says:

    Just divine! Love your work! 🙂

  31. Zabrina Says:

    It’s so beautiful work. I love these collages.

  32. Lilli Says:

    My head is spinning from all these sweet images 🙂

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