hello, How is everyone? Ive been a busy little bee this weekend. Nothing in particular just catching up on housework and boy I don’t know about you, but it is hard keeping up a house! I don’t even have a big house just a little one and if Idon’t clean every couple of days, it gets pretty grimy! If there is one thing I cant stand to do it’s ironing! I do not the have the patience and time…… and I have a hard time purchasing an expensive iron. My Mother on the other hand loves to iron and will spend hundreds on a iron and board! Well she bought me a 100 dollar iron last year and guess what??? I dropped it today and broke it! What did I do, well went over to Wallies and I found something more up my Alley……

The Classic Iron by Black and Decker! I love it! it is heavy and old-fashioned and so cool! No crazy gadgets and instructions……… wow! 24.95 yup, even a Flea Market Studio price!

Img_9601OK, I so need a life! Lets see what else? well last time I got nominated for theThinking Blogger Award by Heather at Pretty Petals Boutique. What a great blog she has there, and thank you Heather if I didn’t already! Well I am supposed to pick 5 and here they are: 1. Lia at ,Art Junk Girl why? Well she is the nicest person! She makes me laugh and we can talk for hours!! Love you L! 2. Cerri at Little Pink Studio sometimes I get asked if we are the same person! We have the same taste, the same type of store and if we lived by each other we would probably best friends! Thanks Cerri! 3. Julie Collings at bluegirlxo she is one classy lady with such style! She is always so sweet! 4. Hope at Paper Relics  what a person! She has amazing talent and what a generous person! 5. Helle at http://hellegreer.typepad.com/ ohhh she is the sweetest!! I met her and her buddy Michelle when they took a class from me here in Phoenix and we went to a Antique Store and to lunch……. what sweet and inspiring ladies they are! I must say that all the ones on my sidebar are amazing Artist and people! So please check them all out! I went to one thrift store yesterday and scored on all of these:Img_9599  a vintage Roll Book, a book of vintage receipts, 2 ledgers and a 1940 agenda book. I cant wait to play in them, but the only problem is I don’t have the heart to ruin them! I also found vintage clothes pins and lace and rolled them and put them in a basket for my little shop…… Img_9595 another problem, I kind of just want to leave them like this ! Ive got to stop hoarding! what a problem! I had time to play in a book that Ive been working on for a Collaboration with Kari, Julie, Melissa and Cassondra! Wow what a group I tell ya! Here is a little peak:Img_9603 Img_9605 hugs everyone!


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  1. shabbyinthecity Says:

    You described me exactly on the ironing….can’t pay the price…I want the ironing done tho!

  2. Laura Says:

    I will iron for about 10 minutes and then I’m done! I have noticed the better the iron the easier and faster it is …

  3. Karla Says:

    Just found your blog and love it! I agree on the ironing. Add dusting to that too. Yuck!

  4. lia Says:

    oh, you are so sweet. I just saw this and guess what? I was gonna call you today!!! I was “digging out” too as I call it. cleaning this and that and trying to do it all in a day! I hate ironing too (shocker)….but I love that iron! looks like one my mom used to have (prob. still has, lol). I just bought an iron last week at Target “tarjjjaay”. It has a retractable cord…I liked that part, lol. yes, we need to get a life…he he…but there is more to life than ironing and yes, we are right to hate it! ok, love you lots! xoxoxo Lia

  5. tammy g. Says:

    Actually, out of all the housework I think I like ironing the best…not that I even iron that much, hardly ever…so, maybe, I wouldn’t like it if I HAD TO DO IT ALL THE TIME. But, I find it relaxing & anything that makes wrinkles disappear…well, there ya go. lol. Love that cool iron, ‘tho…not that I need a new one, but I’m a sucker for the classic/vintage look (got my eye on a new retro Percolator I saw at Wal-mart). It’s funny, that I just bought a pretty floral Martha Stewart ironing board cover that looks very Cath Kidston & got home & found it doesn’t fit my board! So, now I have to go buy a new ironing board ‘cuz I love this cover…oh, geez! 🙂

  6. beth spitznogle Says:

    i have THAT same iron…and i love to too. Use spray starch, it really makes the job eaiser!

  7. cece marie Says:

    I guess I’m odd…I kinda like ironing. I make my ironing board chair height (I believe most are adjustable) and I pull up a comfy chair and iron while I watch TV. That way I can sneak in a little day time TV like Oprah without feeling guilty. 🙂
    I’ve been frequenting your lovely blog alot lately. May I add you to my favorites in my blog side bar?
    Have a great day! Cece

  8. julie Says:

    oh, such a beautiful book you are making, i won’t be able to wait until it comes my way.
    thank you for the blogger award! i post about 5 blogs i love now right?
    the clothespins wrapped with hand crotcheted lace are amazing, so pretty in a little bowl on my desk.
    xo, J.

  9. Helle Greer Says:

    Thank you sweetie.;-)
    Love your book, you’re such a PRO at those.

  10. Lynda Says:

    I like ironing! It’s weird I know. That looks like a great iron too. Mine is white plastic and looks much too modern. ♥

  11. Genevieve Says:

    Oh, I so hear you about house work and ironing!!! Some woman love to clean and iron my mother in law for one! With two kids and a puppy it is unfortunately a necessary evil! I can also sympathize about the $100.00 iron. Up until a month ago I had one too. And then our puppy chewed the cord clean off.(Luckily it was unplugged)I too went and purchased a less expensive one. And I am very happy with it. What ever gene or illness, that makes people really enjoy cleaning and ironing I did not get it!
    Oh well back to house cleaning! I just thought your comments were cute and hit way close to home!

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