Just a Little give-away!

Img_9492 Well I think it’s time for a little Flea Market Studio give-away! I was going to wait for my 100th sell on my Etsy, but it seems to have slowed down , right when I decided to do it! How funny is that??  I cant wait that long I am at 93, heck it could take a while! So if you post a little hello, I will pick the winner on Sunday! What else?? Ive had one of my best girlfriend in town for a little visit. I just miss my friends in Los Angeles so much! We had tons of good food, wine and great talks! She is not a Thrifty or Artsy girl at all…..! But our friend Amy Hanna is a very big inspiration and good friend to me! I showed her this picture of the two of us and made fun of that background in the photo! boy do we look like little girls!Amylil We were both such  trouble makers with our boys at that time, two rascals, hmmmmmm I wonder where My Daughter gets it from! This picture was taken in 1992……… where did the time go???? Well since I didn’t get to go Thrifting with my friend, We went shoe shopping instead…….. here are my new Kicks!Img_9494I love them! As soon as that girl left today, I did sneak by and stop at 3 of my Thrift stores and here is what I found!Img_9483 Img_9489I scored with Vintage fabrics today!! Yummy colors and some have velvet in them, also found more tins….. my collection is getting out of control with them! the tins were 99 cents each! I am also working on some of my old books, Ive put them down for a while and now are starting them up again, here is the cover of the book and some pages that I did last year…..Img_9497_2 Img_9498_2 That is about all for now!



92 Responses to “Just a Little give-away!”

  1. jo Says:

    ur best friend looks a little like you! 🙂 and what a great bunch of fabric!!!

  2. Becca Says:

    LOVE the vintage fabric you found!!
    Oooooo, a giveaway! Gotta love that!!

  3. Rue Says:

    Just love a give away. Your pictures are always eye candy to look at, could be because you find such great stuff.

  4. dawn Says:

    Girlfriend time is the best! I just had a visit from Lori(Vintage Flair) and am off for a girl’s weekend on the Carolina coast – hurray!

  5. Laurie G. (morningk) Says:

    Such fun picks as always. I’m a sucker for the shopping photos…especially thrifting!!!! Where do you store all your tins and other collections? I’ve started stacking things in my garage shelves, it’s starting to look like a store!

  6. beth spitznogle Says:

    Here is my little Hello! What fun you are…Thank you for your blog!

  7. Sarah Says:

    Those leopard heels are SO flippin’ adorable!!!
    Proclaiming some SERIOUS shoe envy here, girl…wowza!
    Sounds like you had a lovely time AND you scored thrifting too! THAT is always a little bit of a rush..I love the thrill of the “hunt”!

  8. Genevieve Says:

    Its so great meeting up with friends,isnt it? I love that you have found thrift stores in which you can visit and always seem to bring back stuff that is so beautiful and inspiring! I am sure that your etsy will kick up as the summer months reach us all, and wish you the best of luck!
    ps: love the shoes! you have a love for shoes just as I do! but then again doesn’t every girl!

  9. Heidi Says:

    I’m addicted to vintage tins, too. But they take up so much space!
    Love the pink rick-rack, so hope I win!

  10. Dawn Says:

    I am always up for a give away!!!
    Love your place…a regular stop for me.

  11. Joan Says:

    I love your blog…you are so inspiring!! My best friend and I spend a lot of our weekends at flea markets and thrift stores…I wish I could find some treasures as great as the ones you find! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Liz Says:

    Here is my little hello. I’m new to blogoland but I bookmark yours because I love vintage.

  13. Susan Elliott Says:

    I’m running to Etsy to help you reach one hundred sales. Good luck and thanks for the giveaway!!

  14. Cerri Says:

    Oh! Please enter me in your give away!
    Don’t worry about your sales being slower lately, mine have been too, and I have been watching others and their sales seem a little slower lately too.
    Speaking of sales, when do you think you will be listing the other junk books you were working on? I keep checking every day…:0)
    Lots of great finds today. Love all the vintage fabrics!
    Glad you had a great visit with your friend!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  15. Cassie Says:

    A giveaway– what fun!! I especially love seeing your latest thrifting treasures, thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  16. Monica Andrade Says:

    You always find great stuff! Love those shoes!

  17. Helle Greer Says:

    Hey girlie,
    Love all the fabric you found, can’t believe you friend don’t like to go thrifting, what’s wrong with her, lol just kidding. Shoe shopping is great fun too.

  18. amanda bel Says:

    Oh, yay! Enter me in the drawing please! (I NEVER win them though…..humph.) Those are some lovely finds you’re showing off, as usual! Love the fabric (and the shoes too!)

  19. Lilli Says:

    A Giveaway is such a friendly, generous thing to do. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  20. Tammy Says:

    I so enjoy your blog. A regular stop for me. Steve Madden shoes – I love them! And you scored on some awesome fabric. Are you going to make any more wine holders? I need one! :)Love your sweet family Easter photo, also.

  21. Anastasia Says:

    Love your blog and your work! would love to be in for a chance at the giveaway!
    have fun with your friend in town!

  22. Donna Says:

    I want to shop with you!!!! Love your taste, talent, and truly beautiful family and friends. Thanks for sharing your love of all of these most important truths of yourself!

  23. Kristy Says:

    You really need to convert your friend to the thrifty side! I’m always doing it.You can guarantee as soon as she finds her first treasure she’ll be hooked!

  24. Helen Cartwright Says:

    I am new to blog land… I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and visit on a regular basis to see the fantastic photos – I think that they are amazing and they inspire me to be creative. This is the first time that I have posted a comment as I would dearly love to win your give away.
    Thanks for a fantastic blog!
    Helen X

  25. LindaSonia Says:

    posting a little ‘hello’… fingers crossed!

  26. Tracy Rizzo Says:

    I love that fabric wish I coukd score like that at a thrift store!

  27. Tamara Says:

    Enjoy your blog…Pleae include me in your giveaway! Thank you!

  28. katie Says:

    Oh, well, hello there! Just found your blog recently, via Charlotte Lyon’s blog. So much fun here. Please do toss my name in the hat! Katie

  29. Bonnie Says:

    Love the open-toe shoes with the leopard print-so pretty!

  30. Tami B. Says:

    your blog is such a treat! love your work…and your finds!

  31. Dawn Edmonson Says:

    Giveaways are so very much fun! I would love to be included in yours. I enjoy checking in on your blog regularly ~ you have such a sweet outlook on everything! Take care, Dawn

  32. Tracy Says:

    Love those vintage fabrics! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and decided to bookmark it- glad I did.
    Congrats on selling so much on etsy. Here’s to many more happy sales.

  33. fromthepines Says:

    Count me in! I love all your vintage finds! I like doing that too.

  34. tricia Says:

    always such lovliness here on your blog! love the book pages and your thrifted goodies. now i feel like i need to go thrifting today! i have my neice and nephew so that might not work so well. maybe this weekend!

  35. Mizsmoochielips Says:

    I thought you both were sisters! lol!
    Such great thrifty find! Yay for thrifty chicks. But yay for the shoes too!

  36. Tracey Says:

    Giveaways are fun! What great finds at your thrift shop. I’ve been having no luck in that department.

  37. Susana Says:

    Hi, I just love your stuff. It is so beautiful and creative. You’re such an inspiration, and just the other day I found out you’re Latina! My family is from Guadalajara and I was starting to think I was the only Mexican into Shabby Chic! I just love this style of stuff, and now I know I’m not alone! Que lindo! In a house full of boys (I’m a 26 yr. old Mami to 4 boys ages 4 and under!) It’s nice to enjoy some pretty eyecandy throughout my day. I’m hoping to get crafty and start making some stuff of my own. Your pictures ecourage me to get started and just have fun with it! Take care, Susana in Albuquerque

  38. Alisa Logue Says:

    I’m feeling lucky. Maybe it will be me. Love your blog. Great source of inspiration! -Alisa

  39. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Here’s my “hello.” You and your daughter look more like sisters. (That wasn’t intended to score points; it’s really true.). –Susan C.

  40. Heather Says:

    How fun to see that old photo. It made me smile. Love your new shoe purchases. Those leopard ones are the BEST! I wish heels didn’t make my feet hurt so badly and make me 6 feet tall altho my hubby is tall tall.
    As always I am in love with your thrifty finds. The fabric is so super yum and after my class at ArtFest I am always on the look out for tin. Heck ya do I want you to sign me up for your drawing…
    Oh, by the way, the birdie pin I got from you has gathered many compliments!! I love it.

  41. Natalea Says:

    Hello! Love your blog and when I placed an order with you last month you sent along the cutest little gold bird! So thank you for that!! Have a great and inspired day!! Natalea

  42. Char DeRouin Says:

    Hi Lilia!
    How sweet of you to have a give-away! Thanks again for sharing your artistic inspiration!

  43. Amy Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! And I love seeing your photos on your blog of all your goodies that you find!

  44. Michelle Says:

    Oh my! What could be more exiting than a Flea Market Studio giveaway! Please sign me up! I love seeing all your lovely artwork and fabuous vintage finds here on your blog and on Flickr! If I had any spending money, I would go visit your etsy shop- maybe someday! Until then, I will just be inspired by your lovely work!

  45. Kimla Says:

    Oh, Lilia! Your book and collage pages are so sweet! Love your style and your blog! You keep us inspired. Thanks for all that you do.

  46. Katie Says:

    I love your blog. It always inspires me and encourages me to be creative. I especially love the pictures of your thrift finds. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Just wanted you to know that your posts brighten many people’s days.

  47. kelly Says:

    I *love* the vintage fabrics. Can I go shopping with you sometime? LOL!!!
    Thanks for what you do 🙂

  48. Kim (Ragged Roses) Says:

    Thanks again for the lovely posts. New shoes and vintage treasures in one day – sounds perfect to me.

  49. Mika Says:

    Your blog is a total inspiration to me…..wonderful pictures, lovely thrift finds, frequent posts, gorgeous art books. Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t remember through whose blog I linked to you, but I wish I did so I could say “thank you” to them also. I’m lovin’ this stuff!!!!

  50. ArtsyMama Says:

    Giveaway! Did I hear giveaway!?! hehe.
    LOVE the pic of you and Amy. Just met her at ArtFest. What a sweetheart. You STILL managed to find some fantastic stuff. Your a magnet for fab vintage goodies!
    Have a great weekend:)

  51. cece marie Says:

    As always, what I great post. I love visiting your blog. What great thrift finds and such cute shoes! Love the shoes!
    May I be entered in your give-away? Cece

  52. Linda Thompson Says:

    Great thrifty finds! Gotta know where you shop girl!
    How fun is a great giveaway!

  53. Alice Says:

    I love all the stuff I bought from your Etsy shop! So much cute stuff–I don’t know what to do with it all. Thanks!!

  54. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    Great everything here!!!
    Love the shoes, finds, books…..

  55. Sharyn Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and all the great vintage stuff you find! Wish I had such luck!
    Sharyn 🙂

  56. Jennifer Says:

    Here’s my quick hello! I love your stuff – you find such great vintage fabrics! Thanks for sharing!

  57. Angela D Says:

    Have a super weekend with your girlfriend… and please enter me in your drawing….
    Hope you and she have lots and lots of fun

  58. Laila O Says:

    I visit your blog daily, and I love it! Thanks for beeing such an inspiration!

  59. Denise Says:

    This is exactly how I remember you Lilia – oh, I feel like it is still 1992! Hugs, Denise

  60. Jill Says:

    Hello! Hello! Love your blog! Thanks for sharing all your yummy creations!

  61. Cheryl Says:

    You and your girlfriend look alike. Love all that vintage material you found. Thanks for doing the RAK!

  62. Maggie Says:

    Hello from the Midwest! What fun photos of you and your friend and it definitely looks like you scored at the thrift stores. Love your journaling books, one never gets tired of them. Great inspiration and I do hope my name is drawn!

  63. lori Says:

    I would love to enter your give away. And also, I would like to come visit you and go thrifting. Seriously, you ALWAYS get THE best stuff and I can’t find ANYTHING in these stores by my house. LOVE the animal print shoes..fun!!

  64. Jamie D Says:

    those fabrics looks amazing. i never have such good luck at finding fabric at thriftstores. excited about your giveaway!! thanks for all the inspiration.

  65. dede warren Says:

    i feel terrible finally posting because of your giveaway. but not so bad i would leave myself out of a chance at some of your art! it’s so fab i have to try and win something!! thanks for all the sharing, and for the inspiration.

  66. Bethany Says:

    The lovely trims I bought from you were so inspiring…I used some of it already! Your blog is also a wonderful inspiration with all of the beauty you show. Thanks!

  67. suzan Says:

    I adore your blog! I love the pictures, and seeing all your great finds!! Thank you for the inspiration!~~Suzan~~

  68. Miss Molly Cottage Says:

    I love the old books! Love the shoes too, but would break my neck in them. Will go visit your etsy shop and see if I can help with getting you to your goal!

  69. Angie Says:

    You have a very beautiful blog. Congratulations. I will visit again soon. I love your thrifty finds.

  70. donnaj Says:

    really enjoy your blog and seeing the treasures you find-I too would rather hit a flea mkt, antique store or junk shop rather than “shop” any day!

  71. kathleen Says:

    Congrats on your Etsy success! Love your blog. It’s a daily one for me!

  72. jenny holiday Says:

    How cuuuute are you girlz!! Ohhh and the leopard print shoes!! Sooo fabulous!! So up my alley! Do you own a leopard print purse?
    Your fabrics are just too lovely!! Cannot wait to see what they will become! : )
    As always the pages of your magical books make me melt!! Soo so so lovely and sweet!!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!
    xoxo Jenny
    ps.. I would love a chance at winning your incredible goodies! Thank you so much for the fun!

  73. Andrea S. Says:

    Love your new shoes! Fun, fun, fun! And a giveaway too…..extra fun!
    xo andrea

  74. shona Says:

    Please add me to your give away list! thank you, such a pretty blog

  75. Heather~Pretty Petals Says:

    I would love to be included in your giveaway..I love your blog!

  76. Kelley Says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog and checking out your lovely purchases and CREATIONS!!! Your style is wonderful…thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

  77. Ali Says:

    Thanks for such an inspiring blog and for the chance to win a little “Spring Fling” treat! — Ali

  78. Joy Says:

    Hiya, love the shoes!

  79. Susan Gilman Says:

    love the photos….linked to you from your Helle tag….I am off to check out your ETSY wares!! (LOVE YOUR art book pics too…)

  80. Tammie Ramberger Says:

    Your blog is a must for me—-very favorite! I would love to do some of the fun swaps I always see pictured. My factory town leaves the art soul searching for more. I know there are those out there with that vintage, artful taste that I have. Thank you!

  81. Angie Says:

    You did such a super job thrifting. The fabric is really pretty. Thanks for letting me enter!

  82. TCDesign Says:

    Oh hello, hello, hello 🙂 Almost once a week I come to visit your blog, love your blog and it’s inspire me. So please count me in!!

  83. Dorte Says:

    Hello! I just discovered your work and you blog and all… you have such great stuff! And your fabrics… ooooh! Keep it up – I cheer your 93 all the way from Denmark!

  84. Carolr Says:

    Oh, dear, have you picked yet?? Here, here. Hope….

  85. Sharon Rohloff Says:

    Love your blog, and the lovely pictures you post. Its so fun to see what other crafters are up to! Your thrift shop finds are so inspiring 🙂

  86. Denise Moore Says:

    Recently found your blog, it is so beautiful and inspiring. Your daughter is a doll! And I love your artwork, thanks for sharing it all with us.

  87. beth Says:

    oh i just love seeing all your fun finds !! hello !!

  88. Angie Says:

    You always find the best stuff thrifting! Thank you for sharing!

  89. Cammy Says:

    Just recently found your blog via flicker. You are such an inspiration and how sweet of you to have a little give away. I would love to be added to your drawing.

  90. Carrie Says:

    Your finds are always sooo beautiful!!!! I LOVE your blog! Thank you for always sharing so much!
    Wonderful lady!

  91. Carrie Says:


  92. Carola Says:

    You are both so beautiful! So if your friend Amy Hanna is not artsy/thrifty I guess that she is not the same person which is Pam Garrisons best friend? http://www.amyhanna.etsy.com/ Just today I saw the photo of her and Amy Hanna at Artfest on Pam’s blog and I even think they look alike just a bit older in Pam’s pic. Oh heck! I always seem to come too late when someone posts a give away.

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