Holiday hangover…..

Img_9361 Here is my little Family from Easter….. I am officially  all done with Holidays  today! Love them , but jeez how much sugar can one girl eat??? I was doing fine on my sugar detox for 3 weeks now!  My husband got a little creative and put whip cream in my coffee with chocolate eggs floating on top! Yum! I also don’t want to see another egg till next year, candles are burning to get rid of the deviled-egg smell. It was fun though! Spent it with our neighbors. They really get into Easter, soo cute how she decorates and cooks up a storm! My neighbor  and I have become really close in the past year.. She is my M W F walking buddy. We talk about everything, it is like our counseling session. She is amazing! She is the bread winner in the home, she owns a Art Gallery in the Old part of Scottsdale. Her husband is Mr. Mom, he takes care of the 2 boys… the little one is almost 4 and thinks he is going to marry Darianne!  We have different Political views….. and don’t get us started! We have been known to get into heated discussions! Got to love a Country were you can live right next to each other and have such different views and manage to get along! Img_9363 The other day we were walking and this perfect ten ran by us (she had to be around 20)I mean this young thing ran past us like nobody’s business! all of a sudden the two of just started running, it was the funniest thing! We were so out of breath, we just stopped and rolled on the grass laughing so hard, saying to each other "who are we kidding, trying to chase 20!" …… Good times! Anyways, here are a little bits of Easter, I really hope everyone had a Wonderful time! hugs!Img_9355 Img_9380_2 Img_9413 Img_9431 Img_9468


16 Responses to “Holiday hangover…..”

  1. Helle Greer Says:

    What a cute family you are.
    Love the picture of your little princess and her boyfriend, too cute.
    Glad you had a good Easter.

  2. Gypsy Purple Says:

    Oh my word…what a lovely family you are!!!!
    I agree with the “no more eggs till next year!!!”

  3. Colleen Says:

    Your pictures are lovely enough to be in a magazine! Looks like a yummy cuppa, too! You and your neighbor look like sisters!

  4. Sarah Says:

    OY- TOTALLY hear you on NO EGGS ‘TIL NEXT YEAR!! lol
    Beautiful pics!

  5. Jen Says:

    What beautiful spring pictures. I love the daisy cone picture so much. I sure wish spring would arrive in the midwest.

  6. ArtsyMama Says:

    Looks like you had a glorious day. What great weather!! All of your pictures and your family are just gorgeous:)

  7. Southern Heart Says:

    What a beautiful family! I so enjoyed your photos.
    I also giggled at your story…just wait ’til you’re trying to chase 39! 🙂
    I’m glad that your Easter was lovely!

  8. Tiffany Roberts Says:

    I just adore your blog! What a wonderful place to spend an hour or two with a cup of tea! I’ll be back for sure, you’re going on my “favorite blogs” list over at ScrapsaDaisy!
    Thanks for the peek into your life!

  9. shona Says:

    Lovely, your whole blog is lovely… what a lovely life you have…..but I am now curious about which political side you are on!!

  10. MarilynH Says:

    What a cool friend! I would love one of those. I am kind of a loner IRL. LOL Hey–how did the 3-week sugar detox go? How long did it take to not miss it and feel better? You guys look awesome in the photos!!

  11. Monica Andrade Says:

    What a beautiful family and so cool friendship you have! I think I’m going to paint my door yellow…that’s my favorite color anyway!

  12. FrenchGardenHouse Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your Easter! I loved the pictures of the “Easter Egg” gathering, my little ones are now 22 and 28! (they still want a basket, just don’t want to look for any of their goodies in the garden anymore)
    Your coffee looks yummy, but I agree, no more candy eggs til next year!

  13. Dawn Says:

    Ok your family is just so cute it should be a crime! Y’all definitely belong in the pages of a catalog or something *grin* Am lovin’ your art…found you thru ArtsyMama i believe (she is the gateway to all the great blogs, afterall!). Thanks for all the eye candy and inspiration

  14. Anastasia Says:

    what great pics!!! sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend!

  15. Mosaic Queen Says:

    Okay…..that chasing 20 thang made me laugh out loud!!! 🙂
    Whenever I venture north towards your direction, I always feel like I’m running into those perfect 10s! I don’t try to keep up with them, but I sure get light headed from all of the sucking in of the gut that I do!! 🙂
    Who am I kidding?

  16. Mendy Says:

    What a sweet Easter dress you had! Love that family photo… priceless!

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