Img_8981 Img_8973_2 What a week! Turn out the lights the Party is finally over! Just relaxing and taking it easy after that crazy party. 24 kids and tons of cake….. leaves me with a giant headache! Miss my blog friends this week~ I found these gigantic Playing cards and had fun making some pages. I  hung them on the back porch for my mom to look at. She came into town with her husband. I don’t know about you but I go into major cleaning mode when Mom comes! Spent three days to be exact! One of the best things of having my Mom come is she loves to go thrifting also, Who do you think taught me? We only had time to go to one place, but look what I found for 1.99!! So Mexican style! Just like Me! What else? I finally get some pictures taken of me and my girl. I am usually behind the camera, so this was a treat. Well if you look close, you can see my husband in the background! It made me laugh so hard! Img_9072 But darn him ! These are the only pictures I will probably have until next year! Here is another one this time without his mug ……….Img_9086 Bye for now while I go take a much needed siesta! Adios Amiga’s, now you know what I look like, poor you!


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  1. Becca Says:

    You and your daughter are both beautiful!
    But your husband is hilarious, I was laughing so hard! LOL!! 🙂

  2. MarilynH Says:

    That is so funny!! But ya know, I also love it–how often would you get seomthing like this? I don’t think you could re-create it if you tried. tee hee

  3. Melissa Says:

    you two are adorable!

  4. kathleen Says:

    Just found your blog this week and loved the picture of your daughter getting her nails done. The one of your daughter and you…and husband just cracks me up !!

  5. joanneanderson Says:

    hello, sweet girl, its so nice to meet your family, i love your apron. i hope your not having to much fun . love jo.

  6. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    Hillarious…saw it on Flickr as well this morning…..glad the party was a if I doubted that….beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!!

  7. beth Says:

    how incredibly funny of your hubby !! what a great pic of you and your daughter !! glad to hear the party went well !

  8. Maria Rodarte Says:

    Hey Lil, you and D look so beautiful. Your hubby looks so funny. Me and Monica are planning on doing some thrift shopping this week. You have to come with us.

  9. Southern Heart Says:

    I love the photos….you are a beauty, as is your daughter! Your DH is a fun one, too! 🙂 I’m glad that the party went well, and that you can now relax!

  10. Mendy Says:

    I got such a kick out of you hubby in the photo!! Gorgeous pic of you two! Love the apron girlie! Right up my alley! Glad the BD party went well…I know each had a blast! Wish my mom would like to thrift shop….naaaaah she doesn’t!

  11. Sherry Says:

    How adorable!

  12. Monicaa Says:

    What great photos! Brian is a hoot 🙂
    Glad to hear your party went well , I am sure Darianne had a blast .

  13. Monica Andrade Says:

    Beautiful mom, beautiful daughter…funny husband!

  14. Judy Scott Says:

    a beautiful family, its lovely to see your face. The party sounded wonderful and I love how D had her nails done ~ what a lovely idea, I used to do the little ones when I worked in the salon its such good fun (birthday xxxx’s for Darianne). The pinny is so bright and beautiful I would leave it hanging as a piece of art!
    ~~~~ till the next time xx Judy xx

  15. Angie Says:

    You are beautiful!! I’ve already mentioned another time, how adorable your daughter is. I love your blog, and pictures, you are very talented.

  16. paige Says:

    oh i just love what you did with the giant oversized cards…way too cute!!
    i’m sure all the party details were just fabulous.
    you & your daughter are gorgeous!!

  17. Barbara Says:

    WONDERFUL!!! I love the photos (too funny with your husband in the background) and your great thrift find. The playing card collages are AMAZING!!!

  18. Junk 2 Jewels Says:

    You are Georgeous, your husband a riot and your daughter is just a doll. That apron just might even get me in the mood to cook! LOL Love the blog, come over and visit me sometime.

  19. Sarah Says:

    Ahh yes. Poor me, that I know what you look like– because you’re flippin’ GORGEOUS and gave me a big fat case of the uglies?!!!?! 😉 Love those pics! And the apron? To DIE for!!! Great find!

  20. suzi finer Says:

    eye candy…you made some great things (love the lens collages)…thanks!

  21. Natasha Burns Says:

    OH MY GOSH I just found your blog and it is heavenly!!!!! Just adore all your work! You and your daughter are just so beautiful!
    I am adding you to my favourite Beautiful Blogs so I can check back on you often, just so happy to have found your blog….
    Natasha : )

  22. Michelle M White Says:

    I love birthday parties…but especially ones for little girls! You should frame the one with your husband! That is great! You look beautiful as always! Can’t wait to see you again!

  23. Helle Greer Says:

    Hi pretty girl.
    I’m so glad the party went well.
    I was so fun talking to on the phone, and it was like we no time had gone by. We could had gone on for hours too. I went to all your stores, and found some great things. Can’t wait to see you in June, and I told Michelle about out little trade, should be fun…
    Later my dear,

  24. ArtsyMama Says:

    GORGEOUS photos…fun finds…sounds like quite the party!! Hope you’re getting some much deserved rest:)

  25. Linda Thompson Says:

    Hey!! I’m from Phoenix too!! Well, I live in Tempe and let me tell you… some awesome thrift stores in Tempe! What part of the Valley do you do your thrifting?
    I am thrilled to have found your blog!! I can’t wait to read all your past posts.
    Come visit me sometime!
    I’ll for sure be back!

  26. Colleen Says:

    Wow, I just found your blog, and I am blown away by all the great pictures!! Gorgeous stuff, and you and your daughter are beautiful!

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