Img_8927 found these pretties today…… It is officialy Spring! Love these huge Satin and Velvet Vintage Flowers! Everyone has been asking about the little boy that the Mom left at the Store….. I called the Police Station today and they are not allowed to tell me. I called the Store and asked the Manger that was there about him and she said she heard the Mother never came back and he is in Child Protected custody…… Ohhh that just breaks my heart! Thank you for all your kind words…….. I wish I had good news to report about him. Well I spent the last couple of days making my new little invention… Here they are:Img_8926 

They are Vintage Lens collage Pins! I am so happy at the way they turned out and I put them on my Etsy. I also put some Mother’s day packs on there also……What else? I was cleaning the Studio…… yes, again!  Took Emily’s idea and decided to take a large pack of playing cards and just play as I put things away….. Instead of hiding things in my suitcases and throwing scraps away… Wow I was surprised of what I could do with my Scraps! Here are some: I dont know what I am going to do with them, but it was fun anyways! Hope everyone is having a great Week!Img_8928


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  1. Vintage Flair Says:

    I love the vintage bride & groom….So precious. Great hunting on the satin and velvet flowers. Whenever I see them, I buy them all up. They are hard to come by.

  2. hallaren Says:

    Thank you for caring for the little boy. It is the most heart-wretching to have to witness a most frightened and crying child for whom you helplessly cannot fix what is wrong.
    On a lighter note, when I was in Phoenix in July of 2005 ( 117 degrees each day!) I spent everyday thrifting and only spending about $1 or less for most of my treasures. The night before the flight home I spent two hours re-packing, re-arranging and stuffing all my treasures into my luggage and my carry-on, determined that all my finds would return with me. Cannot wait to return to that city of treasures!

  3. annie Says:

    beautiful pins! i am so sorry to hear about the little boy 😦

  4. Monica Andrade Says:

    Hi Lilia!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    The little boy story is so heart breaking. Hope everything will be fine with him soon!
    Love those pins! Suh a great idea! Is always nice to visit you. Happy Spring!!

  5. tricia Says:

    the little boy has been on my mind. i hope that everything will work out ok for him. i am blown away that a mommy could do that.
    i love your new goodies–the pins are so clever!

  6. beth Says:

    love your pins !! wonderful idea !! also great idea to use with scraps – i might have to start that too !! it would be a fun swap someday –
    sorry to hear about the boy – i am a social worker here in az its amazing what you see –

  7. Sue Mannel Says:

    Those pins are great! Very beautiful

  8. HollyDoodleDesigns Says:

    Love your lens collage pins, love your blog, love your work in general. I will be praying for that sweet little boy. I have two sons, 4 and 17 months. I am angry and saddened that this little boy had to endure feelings of fear, abandonment, rejection and confusion that may never leave him. God bless that sweet child.

  9. Ginny Says:

    Hi, what gorgeous things you create, I love these vintage style pins and the journals. I will have to add you to my favourites so that I can keep up with all the lovely things you make.
    I was sorry to read about the little boy, it was a heartbreaking story.
    best wishes Ginny (in England)

  10. Andrea Singarella Says:

    How cute are those pins?! You’re so creative!

  11. karla nathan Says:

    I like your lenses. I have worked with old glasses before and really enjoy the curved glass and the dimension it gives the finished piece. These are so nice, good luck with them on Etsy.
    I look forward to seeing more of your things, I will check back again!

  12. Kim (Ragged Roses) Says:

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog and it is beautiful. Really wonderful to read and look at – so sad to hear about that little boy … the things you make are gorgeous. Can.t wait to visit again.

  13. Susan C Says:

    The pins are beautiful.

  14. Aina Says:

    Oh i am so sorry to hear about the boy! I cant believe it though…its just madness!!! About your Vintage Lens collage Pins, they look lovely!! How did you make them ? Have a nice weekend 🙂

  15. jes Says:

    Lilia…I always love to come and visit this beautiful blog! I’ve just linked you today, and hope you don’t mind, but wrote about you at my blog for STUDIO WORKS! xoxox ~Jes

  16. MarilynH Says:

    Beautiful beautiful work!!
    thanks for the update on that sweet child. I am hoping and praying for him that things get better soon.

  17. kat Says:

    saying hello from ohio!!!! loooooove those eyeglass thingies!!!!!! way cuter than what i imagined.

  18. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    May you and your family have a blessed and happy Easter

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