My mind is filled with Easter Eggs…..

Img_8840 I got the Easter Decorations out this past weekend. I found this cute little Egg stand last year at one of my Thrift Stores, cant remember what I paid for it. I used it to hold little flower vases last year. I usually change things up the following year. Well  this is what I came up with, little egg cups filled with the cutest Dollar store candles! The only problem is where to find more of these egg cups! I have enough for one side, I might have to mix and match with flowers…… I love it though! Ive spent the day Decoupaging eggs and working on Kari’s and Marylin’s books. Wow these girls are sooo talented! They are beautiful… I hope they post them when they we are finished with them! I know I will!! here are some of the pages I did today in Kari’s bookImg_8828 : Img_8827_2 Img_8832_2

I had alot of fun working on them today, tomorrow I will post the pages I worked on Marylin’s book.Img_8835 I  also took a couple of pictures of  a basket that was just sitting on my patio with trims and projects. I don’t know why but I just love just looking at it, as I do this little Birdie in its nest sitting on my new little shelf. What else? Dateline is on tonight, will 1/2 watch, 1/2 create while it’s on. I also love Collage Basketball, March Madness! No particular team but I get into filling out the brackets for the Sweet Sixteen to the final four. I am a sucker for a good Cinderella Team! Ohh also some great news to share! My friend Mendy is coming to visit me in AZ! We met 3 years ago on line and e-mail each other at least 4 times a week. I am so happy! I better get out one of my happy dance Tags!! That’s all y’all (shes from Texas just practicing hehe!)Img_8834 Img_8837_2


12 Responses to “My mind is filled with Easter Eggs…..”

  1. Susan Tuttle Says:

    What gorgeous decorations! I love your blog–wonderful eye candy–beautiful photographs!

  2. ArtsyMama Says:

    Oh my oh my, Lilia!!! I absolutely ADORE the pages you did in my book. Can’t wait to hold that in my hands:) LOVE it all!!!
    Thank you!!

  3. Anastasia Says:

    Your blog is so inspiring!! I love the altered books…so beautiful!
    Ive joined in an altered book club..I plan to do my first page starting tonight!! wish me luck..its all new to me!

  4. sepia art studio Says:

    Oh my goodness, You blog is TRULY beautiful!
    I am so happy that i found it 🙂

  5. dawn Says:

    love your book pages – really lovely!
    I know what you mean – spring is in the air!

  6. Barbara Says:

    Ahhh…everything is just SO PRETTY!!! Love the beautiful pages…egg cups…ribbon…bird in cage…just totally love the vintage spring theme! YUMMY colors! Oh, and the netting skirt…almost like we were reading each others minds! I am working on a paperdoll girl for my niece and used some pretty lace to make a little skirt!

  7. Stacey Says:

    Your pages in the altered books are beautiful! I adore your “one love” piece too. You create beautiful art.

  8. Heather~Pretty Petals Says:

    Hello! Oh my goodness…I absolutly LOVE your blog!! I am new to blogging and have somehow found my way here by clicking and clicking through other! You are truly one of my favorites I have found! I love your little books…so unique and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!
    Stop by and say hi sometime! I am going to add you to my favorites!
    Heather 🙂

  9. Gypsy Purple--Chamara Says:

    Wow…the books are stunning!!!!!….I love it
    I also have to take out the easter things this weekend….

  10. Gypsy Purple--Chamara Says:

    Wow…the books are stunning!!!!!….I love it
    I also have to take out the easter things this weekend….

  11. Aina Says:

    The altered books are just lovely ! I think you are one special person with a special gift..I enjoy coming her, and i always get happy from all the decorations, crafts, colours and not at least from the way you write your comments. Have a beautiful Friday and a creative weekend, love fram Holland 🙂

  12. beth Says:

    i live in AZ too !! please share where you find all your thrift store finds ! I just love reading your blog !!

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