And I think to Myself what a wonderful World……….

Img_8818 I had to share my walk at the park today. I run or walk 5 times a week at our local park. It has a man-made lake and the best path that surrounds it. Well, I forgot my Ipod and Zune.  Usually when that happens I spend more time taking in the surroundings. This is what I saw: a little old lady walking with a golf club in her hand (maybe to fight off attackers??), the local homeless guy had his cart decorated with Easter eggs (how did he get them??)  , at one part of the park there was  a Mexican Birthday Party with a Pinata, Mexican music, and the smell of Carne Asada tacos (made me a little homesick),  and at the other end of the park a huge group was celebrating Saint Patty’s day early. I thought to myself what a Wonderful World……… I was in the backyard today planting flowers and watering them and caught my Daughter putting flowers between her toes….. she was enjoying herself so much I wouldn’t dare tell her to not pick the flowers! Img_8820 What else? Ohh went Thrift Shopping for the first time in a while and found some fun things!

Lets see, 4 rolls of wallpaper not a roll over 3 dollars and they a beautiful!  Lots of little bags of Victorian scraps for 1.99 each, 99 cents for the Vintage flashcards, lots of little pins under 2 dollars each, lace trim 2.95 for a huge roll, lots of antique postcards, millinery flowers and some stationary. Very fun! I also found this cute little shelf for 6 dollars, I love the chicken wire on the doors!Img_8759 Ohh I sure did miss going. Now time to create with the goods!                                      Img_8754


21 Responses to “And I think to Myself what a wonderful World……….”

  1. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    Ooh, she is so beautiful and that is such a great memory and moment you captured there!!!!
    I totally love that shelve….great find!!!

  2. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    Ooh, she is so beautiful and that is such a great memory and moment you captured there!!!!
    I totally love that shelve….great find!!!

  3. Andrea S. Says:

    What a sweet post! I love the picture of your daughter with the flowers between her toes. So sweet. You have some seriously great thrift shops out there to find such awesome treasures! I have to go to antique shows and flea markets to find stuff like that!
    Thanks for reminding us to see the beauty in everyday life.

  4. Aina Says:

    Yes, what a wonderful world it can be. Specially if you take the time to look, listen and smell around you 🙂 Here in The Netherlands people are to bussy sitting in the traffic, work, and running from place to place. I am glad i am going back to Norway next year. I miss space around me, the nature, just all the small thing..the life is not that busy there, i love that relaxed atmosphere! I am so glad that the Spring now is coming !! Yesterday it was 14+ here!! And my crocus was in full blossom, joepie!

  5. dede warren Says:

    love the pictures of your daughter, cutie patutie!! also love the cabinet you got. cute storage is always a good thing. i’ll be looking forward to your next sunny post!

  6. ArtsyMama Says:

    Lilia- Sounds like a splendid walk that you had:) LOVE the goodies!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Diane Duda Says:

    toe flowers! i love that!

  8. Sarah Says:

    What an awesome cabinet for 6 bucks!

  9. Barbara Says:

    What a MOST LOVELY DAY!!! The park sounds lovely, and the pictures of your daughter are SO SWEET! Oh my, and the goodies….FANTASTIC! Wish they had good thrifting in my neighborhood! Can’t wait to see what beautiful things you will create!

  10. kat Says:

    oooohhh, that shelf is too cute, i love it! fun finds.

  11. Helle Greer Says:

    On man, I can’t wait to come out there and go flea shopping, that wallpaper is so pretty.
    What a sweet sight of your daughter.

  12. Renee Says:

    Wow such wonderful finds – a delicious selection! Your daughter is just beautiful, precious moments you have captured there. I’m so enjoying your blog. Renee x

  13. Betty Jo Says:

    What a sweet photo of your daughter with those flowers between her toes. That’s just precious! Love your finds. That shelf is super awesome. I love it. xoxox

  14. Zabrina Says:

    How pretty photo of her feet + flowers! Very nice to frame it. And that shelf is great. Love it!

  15. Judy Scott Says:

    what a wonderful day, your little girls toes look so cute ~ I love all your goodies what will you create with them???? Jxx

  16. Vickie C Says:

    Don’t you wish we all could enjoy life with flowers in our toes? Love the cabinent by the way!

  17. Heather Says:

    Boy you have the best thrift stores. $6 for that shelf!!!! And the wallpaper!!! sheesh, I can’t even find anything OLD at my store.. bugger!
    beautiful shots of the little.. so cute on a lovely gardeny day!

  18. Stacey Says:

    Wow. Your thrift shops sound treasurefully wonderful! And the prices are great! We don’t have very good ones here in Hawaii and when you do happen upon a treasure it’s usually expensive. My most favorite on this post is the great moment you captured in the photo of your daughter sticking the flowers between her toes. Priceless. You should frame it. I walk/jog about 5 times a week too (about 4 miles a day), but I my route is nothing like yours. I just run on the sidewalk along with the traffic. Ucky toxic fumes! When I lived in San Francisco, it was nice on the weekends to go to the park and walk along the beautiful paths in Golden Gate park and see all the people out and about enjoying the day. I do miss it.

  19. tongue in cheek Says:

    What a wonderful blog you have! I am so giddy that I tumbled into your space! I feel lighter and sweeter and happier!
    I linked you to my blog today.

  20. svenja Says:

    Wowthe little shelf for 6 Dollar?????? I like this wire on the doors

  21. kristin Says:

    belle ambiance vintage ! j’aime beaucoup tout ce que je découvre …

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