Sending Spring Wishes your Way….

Img_8739_1 For all you girls that live back East, I am sending you some Spring Wishes! It is warm here in Phoenix. But you have to promise me that you will be sending Cool air our way when we hit 115! Ive finally got my Easter Etsy up. I started way later than I wanted to. I am in the middle of decorating for Easter. Here is what my ever-changing Chandelier looks like right now:Img_8746                                                                                                                                          

I added some clip-on flowers to it. We had to turn the air-conditioner for the first time this year, it got to 90…. and it wouldn’t come on. My husband called the air-conditioner repair man to come on Friday. Well before I go on, let me just say that I love my husband and would never even consider being with anyone else, but it doesn’t hurt to just look, that’s all. OK, that being said……. I was not prepared for the 33 year old that showed up at my door! You know usually what to expect when the repair man comes to your home, not this guy, looked like he just came out of the pages of a magazine!  The funny part about it is it felt like a Desperate Housewives episode, 3 neighbors came peeping in through my windows! Ohh that cracked me up. I learned I cant get away with any funny business in this Hood. What else? Ohh just worked on some more pages of D’s book here they are:Img_8442_1 Img_8441


And I just wanted to thank you for all the sweet messages Ive been getting lately! Ive written some of you back, but got side-tracked and busy, so if you didn’t get one from me I apologize…….. Hugs and thank you! Hope everyone is having a wonderful, creative, inspiring, relaxing, fun weekend!!!


9 Responses to “Sending Spring Wishes your Way….”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I recently discovered your blog and am just enjoying it so very much! It is a sweet place to land and sit a spell..
    Lovely spring inspiration! …and your DD is adorable.

  2. lia Says:

    Oh, I love this post and these beautiful pages. You are my main inspiration for art journalling. I need to make the jump and do my girls book altered-style! I love how you do the hats and everything. I actually think my pea brain is fixing to combine the two: art and family pics. Old habits die hard! so anyhow, a little birdie told me we didn’t do friday challenge…lol…talk soon. Hopefully I’ll have my daughters cover done soon so I can show you and you will be proud of me, my fairy art-mother! lol. xoxoxo Lia

  3. phyllis Says:

    Ooo did you get a picture of that repairman???
    I’m going to check out the Etsy…

  4. jenny holiday Says:

    Lilia, you had me laughing out loud today!! Too too funny!! you should have snapped a pic of your “repair man”. Too funny!!!!
    Ohh the new pages are too lovely!! As always!! Everything you do is just so so sweet and lovely! Perfect!!
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend!!! Be Happy!!

  5. Renee Says:

    I love your blog so much – its absolutely gorgeous. I had a litte look at your Etsy shop – but do you ship to Australia? I would love to get a couple of things if you will. Thanks so much. Renee x

  6. Barbara Says:

    Totally GORGEOUS pages!!!

  7. windyangels Says:

    I love your easter pictures, all the ideas, all the vintage. you have such beautiful pieces, ideas. And your daughter – she is so sweet. Thank you for sharing all the photos of her. i LOVE the paper bag book. i want to learn how to do it and give a try.
    thanks for all the inspiration.

  8. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    Oh how I love to visit…you always have a treat for me…thanx

  9. Tautchia Says:

    What! No pic of the hunky repair man? What were you thinking? LOL!
    I just love your art in your D’s book! So wonderfully lovely! I must get my hands on some vintage wallpaper & do a book for each of my daughters. YOu are so inspiring!

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