Murphy’s Law…….. I have avoided the flu, the stomach bug, a cold and pretty much everything else, Ive also have had 2 sick people for over 2 months in the house and the day I plan something fun for me…….. I am sick!  Fun I tell ya! I managed to get some fun creative time last night  and spent the day re-doing my daughter’s room. The first project was my Friday night Challenge with my buds,  sorry Ive been MIA Lia and Mendy. Here it is: Img_8615 Spring Challenge …. And yes that is a hat!

I also had some vintage suitcases that needed some TLC and a little make-over. here they are:


this one is filled with Vintage clothes, hankies, gloves and lots of fun things to play dress up! The other has her art supplies, and the other one has her dolls.

Each suitcase was under  5 dollars.

Img_8602 Now time to work on my Daughter’s Birthday invites! I wanted to give her a Tea Party, but she wants it at Pump it up! That was not my vision of her 5th Birthday when  I was pregnant with her, but who’s it about right?? Oh well… Anyone want to join me for tea? I have lots of hats …….. !



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  1. ArtsyMama Says:

    Oh sweetie, so sorry you’ve caught the bug! Ugh!! You’re still creating absolutely fabulous stuff. How do you do it?! Love the spring page. It totally made me smile…and the suitcase..lovely!!

  2. Cerri Says:

    Oh Lilia, the suitcases are all so wonderful. When my princess was little she had a whole trunk full of dress up clothes…all of it vintage, including the most adorable little bo peep outfit! It was so fun finding stuff for that trunk! I think my neice has most of it now. And then my other daugther had old suitcases full of dolls too! How funny, how much we have in common!
    Please show us the rest of her room, and all that you were working on for it!
    So sorry she does not want a tea party! I gave my neice a tea party last year for her 5th! I would have loved to see how you would have put that together!!!

  3. sarah Says:

    You make me think Spring might actually be “just around the corner”!
    The snow that covered Fort Collins for well over two months is nearly
    gone and when sweet little spring bonnets and baskets start showing up
    in the land of blog, well it really does make my heart sing! Thanks for
    the lovely reminder to have a little faith!

  4. Mizsmoochielips Says:

    Such pretty little travel cases!
    About the birthday parties… never fear… they will always challenge your most inspired ideas!!! LOL!
    Swing on by for my SpringFling giveaway if you’d like to drop your name in the pot ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Michelle Says:

    Hi! I love what you did with those suitcases!!! Love your art piece with the crazy hat, too!
    Michelle (Seaside Rose Garden @ flickr)

  6. Helle Greer Says:

    I’ll take a tea with you, at the end of this month!!! are you still up for a little get together? I will be in Scottsdale the 30&31, and would love to see you again.
    The suitcases are great, and so is you spring page. Love it.

  7. Daisy Cottage Says:

    Wonderful transformation of your vintage suitcases! Lovely photos!

  8. Aina Says:

    I just adore all your pictures you put on your site. I always get happy:)
    The vintage suitcases are just lovely! It is not often that i see one, even
    though i look for them i cant find them! `Maybe internet is a better choice instead of the flea market ? And finally, what a beautiful daughter you have! Geetings, Aina ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. jenny holiday Says:

    Well this post truly made me feel as if Spring had sprung! Really the sweetest!! Ohh you must post pics of your lil doll’s room! She is the cutest thing ever!
    I really had to laugh when I read “pump it up”..too funny!!
    What a super mom you are!!
    xoxo Jenny

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