Its a Vintage Spring!

Ive been going Vintage hat crazy! Ive had this Vintage hat for a while in my daughter’s play clothes trunk and wanted to do something with it…. When I went to my friend Amy Hanna’s home last year, which by the way needs to be in a Magazine, She had a Easter hat that she made for one of her twins…… the other one is a tomboy. It inspired me to make one for my little D……… here it is:Img_8578 Img_8582_1

I had soo much fun doing this and My girl said she loves it but took it off so fast, made me question the "love"! Well anyways, I love it…… I might have to find another little girl for it, so there little  D! Ive also been having fun with a little Vintage Spring Collaboration with my friend ArtsyMama ……. That girl already got started! So after sending out my other book to Marilyn yesterday, I was working on another one…….. they are sooo fun to do! I am not posting what I did for the Marilyn RR, she wanted to be surprised…… so I hope you like it girl! Here is the beginning of the "Vintage Spring" book…………. Img_8594 Img_8597 I saw a little sneak peak on Kari’s blog and it looks great! Now to work on it some more and send this off next week! I am also working on a Birthday hat for my Daughter’s 5th Birthday, and the invites for her party…….. Ohh I have more to do than I thought! Isn’t that funny when you start writing a list how much things you can come up with, almost too overwhelming! OK , off to Create!


18 Responses to “Its a Vintage Spring!”

  1. ArtsyMama Says:

    Oh my…that hat!! Absolutely gorgeous:) The book is looking wonderful! Can’t wait to see it in person:)

  2. Judy Scott Says:

    beautiful hat, perfect for your little beauty and that book…. gorgeous xx Jude xx

  3. Heather M Brown Truman Says:

    Love that Hat! It’s wonderful…and the book looks awesome too.

  4. Mendy Says:

    Festive and fantastic!! You always get the BEST finds!!

  5. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    I thought that basket was tops, but this comes pretty close…you are steaming!!!!
    That book is also so very lovely….I totally love it!!!!

  6. missy j Says:

    Just darling and your model is fabulous!
    Happy Spring!

  7. Vasilisa Says:

    Your blog is really beautiful! Such lovely things! I’ve spent a week with two boys who have stomach flu and your blog really cheered me up.

  8. Barbara Says:

    OK. I am now DROOLING over EVERYTHING!!! The hat is GORGEOUS and I think it looks wonderful on the hat stand! Your journal is HEAVENLY!!! The outside cover TOTALLY ROCKS with the vintage hankie, and the inside is AMAZING too. LUCKY YOU to have visited Amy Hanna’s house!!! I so LOVE her jewelry, but I seem to keep missing out on the pieces I love. Looking forward to more lovely posts on this Vintage Spring Collaboration.

  9. julie Says:

    wonderful and fabulous spring book. the lovely hanky is darling on the cover. of course i want to swap books!
    i have been dying to get involved in something. send me an email and we will plan. Julie

  10. Sandy Says:

    That hat is WILD! I love it : ) I think Amy H needs a book as well. How can we make that happen?

  11. Heather Says:

    The hat is adorable… and your book looks amazing!!!

  12. cari Says:

    That hat is just fabulous, and so sweet on your pretty little girls’ head! Just darling!
    Can’t wait to here the details of the birthday party!

  13. Carola Says:

    I love coming here and looking at your inspiring pictures! That hat is so so gorgeous, I just love it! Oh yes I saw pictures of Amy Hannas home on Pam’s blog and what I saw was just fabulously beautiful! Your spring book looks very pretty too!

  14. Jill Says:

    Such a beautiful little girl under that fabulous hat! What fun!

  15. Andrea S. Says:

    Adorable! Hats are the BEST, aren’t they? Don’t you wish we all still wore them? Too sweet!

  16. Nicole Says:

    what a great blog, very inspiring! I also love flea markets. You work is breathtaking. *Nicole

  17. Katy Says:

    I love visiting your site, you are so talented and inspiring. thanks, Katy

  18. Helle Greer Says:

    Oh MY!!! I’m lost for words.
    Everything is so pretty and dreamy, I just want to touch it.
    You simply RocK sister.

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