Oscars are here!

Ok before I talk about one of my favorite subjects Movies, I first have to post my latest creation. Here is a Spring Basket:Img_8563

I made it last night after finding a Huge bag of Millinery flowers…… I am having a hard time putting it in my shop…. darn!

This picture makes me happy:Img_8551

My Daughter and some little flowers coming back to life in our backyard….  Thanks for all the kind thoughts on My Sunday blues… It is only in the afternoon and not that bad……… I am a happy person almost all of the time. You Blog friends sure are sweet!! Ok Oscars are here!!! Ohhhh I usually have a small Oscar party at my house with just the girls. I couldn’t get it together this year, too many things going on. I see most of the movies by Oscar time, but wow did I miss everything except Little Miss Sunshine! What a great Movie! If you are not interested in watching this movie, please just watch it for the dance scene alone!! Ohh I can watch it anytime and just laugh and want to dance!! That little girls is the best! Greg Kinnear is one of my favorite people and so is Steve Carell…. So I guess I can say I am going for this feel good movie! I am a big Movie buff….. Here are My Favorite movies 1. The Godfather 2. Gandhi 3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 4. When Harry met Sally 5. American Beauty 6. Terms of Endearment 7. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (just to stare at those 2 alone) 8. The Killing Fields 9. The Color Purple 10. Manhattan       That’s just the first 10 …… wayyy more to mention. Ok I was thinking of the Scenes that make me cry every single time I watch them and here are the top 4: 1. The scene in Terms of Endearment where Debrah Winger just dies and Shirley McClain starts saying " I am so stupid , I thought that when she went I would be relieved, but its the hardest thing" Ohhh I get tears just thinking about it! 2. Shindler’s List , I cant just sit there watching without a lump in my that (In fact, when I saw it at the Theater I had to leave because I was crying so hard) 3. The scene in Steal Magnolias where Sally Field is losing it at the Funeral in front of her friends and she says " I want to know why ….. you know the rest….4. In the Killing fields at the end where they hug each other after so many years apart and Prawn says " nothing to forgive" and the song Imagine comes on…….. Ohhhh what a tear fest for me!! Ok now Happy scenes: 1. Any part of When Harry met Sally, but the end when she is describing the cake with the sauce on the side…… too funny! 2. American Beauty…. where Annete comes in and asks who’s car is in front of the house and Kevin Spacey says " its a 1970 Pontiac Firebird its the car Ive always wanted and now I have it.. I Rule!  oooh this one has me laughing! There are sooo many happy feel good scenes I could take as long as the Oscar show to right them! I hope everyone is having a Good Oscar day!!!


14 Responses to “Oscars are here!”

  1. Cerri Says:

    Ok, just put that basket in the store!! But, um, could you email me first and let me get a head start? That is just to die for Lilia! Gorgeous stuff really!
    I am a huge movie buff too! In fact, I sat up all night last night watching movies. I watched “A Time to Kill”…so good, and sad. And then I watched “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days” for the billionth time.
    One of my most recent favs is “The Lake House” I watched that in San Francisco and I’m telling you, I just loved it. Wonderful love story.
    Have you ever seen “A Beautiful Mind” (that is an amazing movie) or a really old favorite is “About Last Night” (a simple 80’s romance movie)?
    So funny, I was going to do a movie post today too…but then got sidetracked. I will have to do one soon though.

  2. Carolyne Says:

    lilia that basket is gorgeous – is it paper mache’? i wouldn’t be able to let this one slip through my fingers either – happy oscars!!!!

  3. Kimla Says:

    Oh, that is the cutest little basket! Love your style. Wish I had found your blog earlier…I was in Scottsdale a few months ago and would have loved to shop at your store.

  4. ArtsyMama Says:

    Isn’t that basket just gorgeous! LOVE it!!!
    Hope you’ve had a good evening watching the Oscars:)

  5. Monica Andrade Says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my true favorite movie, and I like Butch Cassidy and th S.K. too, and the song “Raindrops keep falling in my head” puts me in a very good mood…I love good movies, and a few bad ones too…How did you do that basket!? It is so beautiful..but not as beautiful as your daughter. She is GORGEOUS!

  6. Carol Says:

    I love that spring basket, just gorgeous!

  7. Lori Says:

    Oh I’d rather watch a good movie than tv anyday, but I never can remember the name of the titles! However, I do remember the name of your blog, I just love it 🙂

  8. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    My oh my…the basket is one of the loveliest things i`ve seen…I would not be able to sell it…would like to enjoy it for ever!!!!!

  9. Maggie Says:

    This spring basket is just perfect! How many do you plan to put online- Please email me!
    Your daughter is just darling in the vintage hat you found, what a perfect match for her little turtle neck and my favorite color to boot! Such a sweetheart she is.

  10. Judy Scott Says:

    How adorable ~ your little girl, a beautiful photo holding those spring flowers and look at here hands, so so precious. I love the spring basket its just the perfect look and colours too ~ hope you get lots for it, Jude xxxxx

  11. julie Says:

    what an amazingly gorgeous easter basket! now i want to make lovely spring things for easter. . .
    thanks for the lovely images of spring

  12. Jen Says:

    Oh, I’m just dying to see Little Miss Sunshine. Thanks for the reminder. Your basket is so BEAUTIFUL.

  13. cally Says:

    What a happy happy blog! Linked to you from Vanessa (A fanciful twist).
    I am TOTALLY loving that teacup shown on your blog banner!

  14. lori Says:

    That basket is wonderful, I especially love the flowers you used for trim. I love the colors that you use in your work, they feel like spring.

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