So much to share today!

Img_8476_2 Wow where did the week go?? Friday Art night ! But first I have to share my finds this week and boy are they good, I cant even contain myself!!! This is a Vintage Hat with the perfect hat stand, My daughter! In fact I think it will be perfect for her for Easter! I paid 8 dollars for it…. That Vintage silk flower with the pink velvet ribbon is to die for!  Ohh I have just gotten started!  I went into this Antique mall, that is over-priced but they know me by first name.. ( I am there wayyy too often) they always give me a heads up on new things and new vendors… Well this lady has forever ruined me! Her prices are Flea Market Studio prices!  here is what I bought:Img_8420  A 1904 Stereograph, you know the ones where you put pictures and they look 3-D? Almost like a cool Viewfinder! Wow! I also got all the pictures for a dollar each! I spent too much money on this thing 50 dollars, but wow, Ive never seen anything like it!  While I was there I picked up these:Img_8437                                                      

Let see maybe 28 vintage hankies 25 cents each, 3 cabinet photos 2 dollars each, a German bisque 1.50, cards and postcards were 1 dollar each………

And I also found this beauty:Img_8432   

Img_8434 A Vintage tin chocolate box! The details on this beauty Stunning!

I also couldn’t forget my daughter, stopped at a Thrift Store and found this for 1.99:Img_8488                     

A little container to put her paint brushes isn’t she cute?? great stuff.. I also have been using this:Img_8470 

A smith corona I don’t know what year , but when you pay 5 dollars and it works who cares??

I spent the week working on a couple projects  and working on some more pages of my daughter’s junque book. Here is one and some Tags I made for my Flea Market Studio Etsy 

                                                            Img_8438 Img_8431


17 Responses to “So much to share today!”

  1. Becca Says:

    Lots of cool finds……. love that vintage tin…..
    But that hat on your daughter is the best!! What a great pic! 🙂

  2. Nicola Manning Says:

    Wonderful, awesome finds!!! Your daughter and the hat are gorgeous.

  3. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    Oh my word that is terrific!!!!!
    I`m totally totally mad about that tin…that is a find to die for….
    Love the book as well

  4. Angela D Says:

    Oh my gosh… the vintage tin looks exactly like something my Grandmother has sitting on her vanity. She has it filled with buttons. You found a treasure there.

  5. Laurie G. (morningk) Says:

    I love it all. But especially that blue typewriter and that hat! And you have such a beautiful model to wear it….

  6. Cerri Says:

    Amazing photo of your beautiful daughter! And yes, as usual, you have wonderful finds!! Love the old typewriter!
    I keep meaning to ask you, what kind of junk book do you use? Did you buy it like that, or did you make your own? Email me if you want.

  7. Judy Scott Says:

    oh wow wow wow to everything, especially your gorgeous hat stand, isnt she adorable, you’ll have us all drooling ~ love the hankies and cabinet cards and I have an old typewriter just like that one, Stevie my son gave it to me,
    Love the tags and book too xx Jude x

  8. ArtsyMama Says:

    LOVE the hat. I just bought some vintage hats that my daughter modeled as well. I posted pics on my blog last weekend. Love the tags. Didn’t see them on your etsy, though. Have a great weekend!

  9. lia Says:

    love the finds and the tags! the girl is so lovely in the hat! hope you are having a great w/e!! xo Lia

  10. Carolyne Says:

    great finds Lilia – i wish our thrift shops contained finds like this. i am so glad i have found your blog. can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous designs. hugs.

  11. Sarah Says:

    Your little one is so lovely in the hat. Perfect!

  12. Helle Greer Says:

    You are a GREAT hunter!!!
    What treasures…
    Your tags are so pretty too, but then again, so it everything you do. Great eyecandy on a Saturday night.
    I know it is Sunday tomorrow, but try to enjoy ; ) it’s the Oscars!!!

  13. Carol Says:

    Gawd your daughter is such a cutie pie!

  14. Mendy Says:

    OOH fun stuff! You always find the best goodies!

  15. Lori Says:

    The rose on the hat is lovely as well as your daughter. What great treasures you found. As always!

  16. freshvintage Says:

    What great finds! Vintage hankies for a quarter? I can never find them that cheap. And your daughter is adorable, by the way!

  17. Heidi Says:

    Love the turquoise Smith-Corona typewriter! My older sister got one just like that when she went to college in 1963, so that’s probably how old yours is.

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