Feeling Colorful……..

Img_8128 A Vintage Teacup full of Chocolate Heart Pops…….. I just love these!!  They are also very yummy (had 3 today!). This chocolate things is getting a little bit out of control!! I think I have around 5 lbs of Chocolate in my house as we speak! And as I am writing I think it went down to 4 1/2…..  I added more Wine Bottle totes to my ETSY.  I also wanted to note that if you don’t drink wine, you can use them to put cookies, treats, popcorn, and goodies or use it as a Mini Time Capsule. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on them and the e-mails! Wow, I didn’t know they were going to go so fast! Thanks to my Flickr Friends!! I got a little productive last night and took out all my Vintage Seam Binding out of their packages and Ironed them. I hate Ironing with a passion! I think it took 2 hours.. But the result is well …. you have to see for yourself!  I hung them on these Vintage hangers that have clothespins on them……


What a Job, but worth it! Now I can see them and finally use them. Ohhh to one day be organized…….. Is it possible??? I am off to stare at my ribbons…………..xoxo


7 Responses to “Feeling Colorful……..”

  1. Cerri Says:

    I am so excited that your bottle totes have done so well! yeah!!
    Your seam bindings look so lovely! I have lots of those too, but honestly, have never taken them out of the packages! (I have never used any of them! Is that crazy or what?!) I may just have to do that soon!
    OH! and please post photos of your suitcases full of trims, I want to see!

  2. Monica Andrade Says:

    Oh my! I have to get some chocolate…and a vintage teacup! Your creativity and taste is extraordinary! Always inspirational.

  3. Carolina - NeoVamp Jewelry Says:

    No, you can never ever get a studio really organized but…who cares anyway? you can have such fun while you try! It is a great idea to hang them to display the colours…in case your walls are not completely covered with shelves like mine haha!
    I love the big sign, I plan to make one soon. I know how it feels receiving something in the mail and knowing you have to use it in that very moment! It happens to me too!
    And about chocolate…well, I know how you feel too. When is comes to black chocolate I can never buy enough!

  4. lisa Says:

    I need to do this with my seam bindings. I have the hardest time opening them, as if I’m breaking the spell. So, they sit in a jar waiting to be useful!
    Love these pics. I have sanctioned myself to buy nothing else from Etsy until I sell something else so I will have to wait for your next batch of lovelies.

  5. dede Warren Says:

    just wanted to let you know, i have posted about your blog, on mine. if you are opposed to this, please let me know and i will remove it! hope you don’t mind. i thought maybe some of my friends would like your’s as well.

  6. julie Says:

    so glad i dropped by today to see you posted some more things on etsy. i bought one of your fabulous wine bottle totes and can’t wait for it to arrive. i got the one with the big pink bow.
    love your seam binding collection all ironed and ready to use. looks fabulous. J.

  7. Jill Says:

    Oh what a beautiful rainbow!

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