Love is in the Air…

Img_7997Valentine’s day is almost here…… I love everything about it! Chocolate, my favorite color is Red, Chocolate , vintage Valentines cards, did I mention Chocolate??? I was in the mood to create some fun Valentine’s Decor for my home.. Here is what I came up with……

This Giant Glitter Heart from Joanne’s  was asking for a make-over. This vintage scrapbook page of this little girl reminds me of the Queen of hearts! The Vintage playing card has my little family’s names on it…..I decided to hang it on the back door……..

The next project was this 99 cent store heart:


It had nothing on it and was hanging from a cheap red ribbon. I changed it to pink seam binding, added the image from my collection, buttons, a paper flower and some text……..

and the last one was this: Another cheap 99cent find that needed an extreme make-over. It had a cheap boa and some hearts hanging from it. I added the flower, ribbon, vintage lace, and Jewels with tag of the sweetest fairy.  Img_8008 

Off to make some more goodies! Hope my hubby gets the hint that the day is on it’s way!-hugs


17 Responses to “Love is in the Air…”

  1. annie Says:

    sweet projects 🙂
    i love that you added a playing card w/ the names of your family.

  2. Jill Says:

    Way cool! Awesome!

  3. Helle Greer Says:

    Everything is so pretty and romantic.

  4. Julie Says:

    I love how you took bargain finds and creatively turned them into such pretty works of art! Very inspiring!

  5. Heather Says:

    Lilia, These make overs are so cool! You should do some things for the upcoming Portals RECYCLE issue!! Fab!

  6. Cerri Says:

    Love all of your valentines Lilia!

  7. Ginny Says:

    Hi just browsing the blogs and was inspired by your extremely creative blog so just had to drop by and tell you so.
    I have enjoyed all the creative bits and know exactly what you mean about the workroom issues. I have been tidying since Christmas. I have now spread out to other rooms doing other projects so that I can get on and sort the workroom out…. complete madness.
    Love your cards and hearts!
    Best wishes Ginny

  8. amanda bel Says:

    Oh my, you are such a busy bee! I must get to work too! V-Day really IS right around the corner now! Are your new creations are so lovely!

  9. Penny Says:

    Love them! Soooooo talented!

  10. jenny holiday Says:

    Lilia!!! My goodness!! As always …SOOO FABULOUS!!
    I can always count on you for lots and lots of eye candy and inspiration!! LOVE it all to bits!!
    Thank you!!
    xoxo Jenny

  11. Mizsmoochielips Says:

    Those are all darling re-dos! You’re a girl after my own heart *pun pun* … I like giving store bought things “make overs” too. Love it! And thanks for inspiring me to do more Valentine’s decorating.

  12. hope Says:

    Oh it is all so wonderful!!

  13. Marilyn Says:

    Ohhhh so lovely! Very heARTy too. We’ll have to have chocolate at the next workshop! Yummm… must run and get some now. Love your blog and all your art, girlie! Maybe I’ll get off the computer today and make some art myself.

  14. Gypsy Purple-Chamara Says:

    Oh lovely…glad you have a blog…nice to meet you here and on Flickr…please visit me as well:

  15. Andrea Singarella Says:

    so creative! Love it!

  16. Monica Andrade Says:

    These are soo cool! Very inspiring!

  17. Mendy Says:

    Love love the valentines Lilia!! I love this time of year! Great finds!

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