A beautiful Disaster!

Img_7881_2 Why do I work like this?? I can never get this Studio under control! I think its because when I clean, I dont want to mess it up again. Is this what happens to you?? I feel like I work better this way…. all the junk is out in the open for me to play! Well I spent this week getting it to look some what organized… I am getting rid of so many things, and a Flea Market Studio garage sale is comming soon!

Here are some pictures of the Studio cleaned……..Img_7867_1 Img_7832



Img_7868 I will post more later, but for now I am off to mess it up again ! Happy Friday


9 Responses to “A beautiful Disaster!”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I clean my craft area every two weeks or so & then mess it up the day after I clean it. There is no hope for me. Little space & lots of stuff!

  2. Laurie G. (morningk) Says:

    It’s so fun to see all your goodies. I’ll be lining up for the garage sale 🙂

  3. jenny holiday Says:

    Oh it is no use over here either! We work our best with everything layed out and piled all around us! It is like living in a collage! When it is too clean it seems as though something is missing! : )
    Oh how I’d love to visit your studio!! more pics please! : )
    Have a fabulous weekend!!
    xoxo Jenny

  4. ArtsyMama Says:

    I do the same thing:) Oh well!!!
    All your goodies look gorgeous!

  5. Krista Lamb Says:

    It is great to clean, but a messy studio is an aritst’s paradise. Oh what to do? It is looking great anyway!

  6. Jill Says:

    Clean??? I’m not sure I am familiar with that word! It certainly is not a natural part of my life….oh my….always a mess….creative chaos….I don’t know….wish I could twitch my nose like Bewitched and have it be tidy….

  7. hope Says:

    okay, seriously, I am on my way over to play…

  8. Andrea Says:

    There was just a little news bit on about how slightly disorganized people are something like 30% MORE productive than hyper-organized types. I suppose that makes sense – if you are spending all your time cleaning and NOT messing things up then you are also NOT creating or getting things done. So revel in your studio! It looks like a fun place to be messy and creative.

  9. Cerri Says:

    ummm, that flea market studio gargage sale you referred to, will that be a blog or etsy sale? Please say yes! LOL
    Love the paint rack thing, and the basket of old books. I wish I could just poke around and look at all your fun things!

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