Flea Market finds today……..

Img_7801_1 During my daughter’s Ballet class yesterday I stopped by my favorite vendor.  I found a vintage Baby book for $1, an antique frame without the glass for 75 cents,  a victortian compact for $1,  a bird cage 50 cents, free vintage lace,  2 yards of the cutest cloth that has hens and baby chicks for 75 cents, and a bunch of vintage baby cards for 50 cents each…….. Fun stuff for my little girl’s baby books! Speaking of which I came home inspired to work on one last night here are a  couple of pages:Img_7796 Img_7798

And here is one More:Img_7799                                                      

This one is my favorite, The day she was born…..  she is almost 5! where did the time go???

That’s it for today, I am cleaning this cluttered Studio of mine, I will post some before  and after pictures next time! (it might take a couple of days)


8 Responses to “Flea Market finds today……..”

  1. teresa mcfayden Says:

    What awesome treasures you found!! I cleaned my studio big time the past 4 days. Talk about emotional overload. It felt good, it felt bad, it felt good again, it felt bad again. I think I get too attached to my stuff!

  2. Helle Greer Says:

    What great finds… and talk about the pages SO PreCioUs, love them.
    I went Fleamarket hunting yesterday, and found my favorite Danish chrildren book, by Jorgen Clevin, and it was in English, so I got it for my son, because he refuse to read Danish books.
    Everything else was way overpriced.

  3. ArtsyMama Says:

    What great finds and beautiful, beautiful work. Love being inspired by your art:)

  4. Heather Says:

    What great finds! Lucky day! Your layouts are gorgeous too!!!

  5. claire Says:

    fantastic finds, fantastic pages!

  6. Judy Scott Says:

    Love the pages ~ and love a tidy studio but mine is never tidy!! Have fun xxJx

  7. lia Says:

    Oh, love those pages and did you need another baby book..he…he…probably at the rate you make journals! xo now clean up that studio, friend! L.

  8. debra Says:

    Beautiful pages! And would you be interested in a swap for a bit of that yummy chicken fabric?? I just got some new Japanese fabrics and have more overflowing my studio. Not even to mention paper & ephemera & … you know how it is! 😉 Let me know if you’d like to swap!

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