The Sun is shinning!

After days of clouds and  rain, Scottsdale is bright and sunny! Still cold, but perfect weather for a good long run…. that later. Working on the rest of my Swaps this morning……..   Here are my Valentine ATC’s Img_7767:

They are all little antique lace pockets that hold little Valentine tags and a single flower…..

They all get mailed out today in these:Img_7766

They are little fabric pouches that hold the ATC’s and some chocolate!

They were fun to make, it helps that I like Valentine’s Day!

This weekend I am teaching at The Frenzy Stamper. Ive been Teaching there for going on 2 years….. The owner Debbie is the sweetest! Funny story, I used to drive very far for Rubber stamps and Art supplies, until one day a friend asked if I ever go to the Stamp store near my house. What Stamp store near my house??? Well come to find out it is only 1 mile away! I went in and was in Stamp Heaven! Debbie is always cheerful and the store is stocked with the so many stamps! Debbie is  always up to date on the newest, coolest Art supplies. If you ever are in Scottsdale, you need to stop at The Frenzy Stamper! Next month she has Mary Jo McGraw, and the very talented Kelly Kilmer. The class I am teaching on Saturday is Loves Little Instruction Book:Img_7139


11 Responses to “The Sun is shinning!”

  1. Helle Greer Says:

    SO so pretty.
    I really want to take that class. Are you teaching that again in March??? or something simelar, well anything you make is so darn cute, so I will just be surpriced…

  2. kat Says:

    those little pockets are soooo adorable! you’re so talented my friend.

  3. Frivolitea Says:

    I just discovered your blog. What fun. Art and thrifting are two things I enjoy! I’ll be back for a visit.

  4. Sandy Says:

    I just popped on over here from Hope Wallace’s site. What a wonderful banner! I think your blog will be one of my regular stops. Welcome to blogland! Sandy

  5. Cerri Says:

    Oh my! I love those atc’s, great work on them! They are so pretty! And I love the project for the class you are taking. I would take a class from you in a heartbeat, and pay good money to do it! :0)

  6. lisa Says:

    Do you dream in these beautiful visions? Everything you make is so gorgeous and feminine!

  7. claire Says:

    Those ATCs are great and the envelopes are wonderful!

  8. amanda bel Says:

    I REALLY love the pink ribbon with the dark edging! So lovely, one of my fav color combonations!

  9. Laurie G. (morningk) Says:

    I can’t believe the amount you create, and all so beautiful! You’re an inspiration and reminder to….dive in!

  10. Amy Jaz Says:

    Hi Lilia! I just signed up for your class! I can’t wait to take another class with you. I am bored on the jewelry front again and the artsy me is itching. You’ve inspired me yet again with your beautiful work. I really, REALLY want to go thrifting with you too! I’ll see you saturday!

  11. Judy Scott Says:

    this just gets better and better wish I could come to your class 🙂 xxxjude x

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