This little girl kept the family up till 4 am!

Img_7723Stomach bug hit my rascal at 11 pm last night and didn’t end till today. needless to say we didn’t get any sleep last night. I don’t work well without sleep! Poor thing told me "I have a headache in my tummy" right before she went to bed. We kept her on the couch with a towel underneath her and let her watch movies on her portable DVD player. The pink tray she is holding is her in case of emergency tray (lots of those last night). Don’t you hate it when they are sick?  On another note, I think she is starting to get crafty like mommy, she said she had an idea of what she wanted to make daddy…… here is what she came up with……….Img_7725_4


8 Responses to “This little girl kept the family up till 4 am!”

  1. hope Says:

    Ah, poor little thing! Wonderful she is showing creativeness like her mom!

  2. kelly Says:

    Hope that she is feeling better and that you are both getting sleep again soon 🙂
    She is very talented like her Mommy!!!

  3. Helle Greer Says:

    You feel so bad for them when they are sick, but she seems better now in the picture.
    I love her project, sassy and pink…
    Get some sleep, so you can create us some eyecandy 😉

  4. jenny holiday Says:

    Ohhh poor lil doll! How cute she is..even when sick! Loving her “technology” lol! And ohhh how sweet her creation is!!
    Hope your lil gal is feeling like herself again soon!!
    xoxo Jenny

  5. Heather Says:

    Poor beeb. My little has been waking up at 3:30 every morning wanting soemthing or other.. ugh. I hope this passes and your baby is back to better health soon. here is to a restful weekend.

  6. Cerri Says:

    I already posted a comment, but it seems to have disappeared!
    I hope your little one is feeling all better now, and I hope that you do not get sick either!
    I love, love your new banner, it’s wonderful!

  7. lia Says:

    awww…she is cute even when she is sick. yup, I remember those days. especially when it runs through all the members in the household…yuk. I totally saturate the house in lysol anti germ spray…I’m a bit of a germ-o-phobe…anyhow, it’s SO nice to come visit you over here girl!! welcome to bloggy world. you are such a treasure to have here! xo Lia

  8. Jodie Says:

    Love the blog! I’m doing everything I can do defend myself from a cold which is battling my immune system…I think I’m winning at the moment..just.
    Would love you to check out my blog –

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