Art Journal Obsession………

Journals1_6  Ive been into Art Journals for a while now. I work on a couple at a time. Styles are anything from Vintage to Funky.  I find Vintage Baby Books or Vintage Scrapbooks and add paints, ephemera, photos, all sorts of art mediums and I alter them to death !   I also have been known to hand make my own Journals, these are the more funky ones, and take a while to make and if anybody knows me I am very impatient. Most of the time I have no theme to a Journal,  they are almost like scrapbooks all pages are different but all the pages have pictures. Most of my friends and family think they are too weird, but my Art friends understand! Thanks to all my Art friends out there who like my Crazy Art! Img_7697_1


15 Responses to “Art Journal Obsession………”

  1. Laurie G. (morningk) Says:

    Yiippeeee! I’m so glad you started a blog. I’ve marked you as a favorite and will visit often!

  2. Karen Says:

    LIKE your crazy art??….we LOVE it!! Congrats Lilia on your looks great!
    Smiles, Karen (Mrs. Kwitty)

  3. claire Says:

    Aack! Jenny was right! I am drooling already! Great blog, dear!

  4. jenny holiday Says:

    Ohhhh I ADORE your Crazy Art!! I hope it gets even “crazier”!!! : )
    Happy Creating!!
    xoxo Jenny

  5. hope Says:

    No, they are not weird at all – they are lovely!

  6. Jenny H Says:

    Wow! Everything is just wonderful! Fantastic art!!!

  7. ArtsyMama Says:

    Your journals look amazing!!! Hope you’ll post pics of *inside* these little gems:) As far as the challenge, you asked what you need to do. I would get out one of your lovely art journals and come visit my blog…the fun starts TODAY! Woohoo:)
    BTW- are you going to ArtFest in March?

  8. amanda bel Says:

    Jenny sent me (but I’ve been enjoying your flickr pictures already!) So glad I can come visit you here!

  9. cori Says:

    They’re gorgeous! I agree with Kari, show us the insides! 🙂

  10. Nicola Manning Says:

    Oh, what joy! What bliss! I could stare at those pictures all day and dream of the treasure inside!

  11. Helle Greer Says:

    Hey Silly Girl.
    Here you are, and a week ago you told me you did not know how to set up a blog…. WRONG… It ROCK!!!!
    and as you saw on my blog, who do you think inspired me to do my banner?????
    Love your Art…
    I will be in Arizonia March 29 30 31, where will you be teaching??? Love the book you are teaching this month. We got to go Flea Market too.

  12. Fiona Says:

    Nice looking journals. Can you tell me the type of binding you used for the one with the beads on the spine? If I know the name, I can google instructions. Would love a sneaky peak inside too.

  13. Hanna Says:

    Beautiful stack of journals, I haven’t alted the outside of any of my art journals. how strange. i will have to try it soon, yours look lovely

  14. Heather Says:

    You’re not weird, you’re creative!!
    Love your stacks of journals. I have just started my FIRST art journal. I have given myself permission to have NO THEME and not have to go in any specific order. I just open to a page and go….
    wish me luck. LOL

  15. debra Says:

    This are gorgeous! I love journaling. And the decorated, overflowing finished books are the best part!

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